Ball Bearing Carriers That Are Small But Mighty… And Smooth

January 20th, 2017



Is there anything more annoying than a curtain that is difficult to open?  Well, there probably is, but a sticky curtain certainly is frustrating.  Think about the last time you went to open your curtains only to get frustrated because they wouldn’t glide smoothly on the track. We are willing to bet that the unexpected sticking was so annoying that you may have used a few choice words.  Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us.





The good news is that the solution is simple: Curtain-Tracks to the rescue!  Some of our smallest parts, the 84100 and the 84102 ball bearing carriers, provide the best bang for the buck.  These carriers are so smooth, you’ll never grumble those choice words at your windows again.  Well, at least not because the curtains are stuck again.


These little suckers provide a smooth opening and closing because of the ball bearings housed inside of them. They are made of alloy so they resist rusting and allow for ease of movement.  Can you just hear the crisp, smooth sound of these carriers moving across one of our compatible tracks with ease? Ahhh…



An added bonus is that these ball bearing carriers allow the curtains to open into an even smaller space, 25% smaller than traditional curtain carriers if you go with the 84100 and 20% less than that if you go with the micro version, 84102.  That means you’ll be able to see more window and less curtains when they are opened and off to the side.  Pretty!



Another fun option for testing these carriers would be ending your statements with dramatic effect. Think of the opening or closing of the curtains as your punctuation mark, say, an exclamation point.  Try it out the next time you are trying to make a point to your kids or your husband.  Then, take a picture of the new set up and email it to us at  We would love to see your finished product and hear your success story!

Where Have the Curtain Hooks Gone?

January 16th, 2017



Can anyone else get lost in the endless sources of life hacks on the internet?  These little tricks are simply genius but how many of them do people really try?  They’re great ideas when you check them out on your smartphone, but some of them require way too much time and effort.


For example, how many of you have left a light bulb burned out and thought “When one more goes out, I will just fix them all at once?” Guilty? We thought so. Now, how many curtain hooks do you lose before you take action? Two? More? Do you then opt to replace the whole thing? Why are humans so predictable? We will deal with small frustrations to avoid seemingly larger ones, but often the larger frustration isn’t so large in reality. Thanks to Curtain-Tracks replacement parts, you don’t have to start from scratch every time.


7122 Button Carrier with Hook



At Curtain-Tracks, we would like to encourage you to not wait until the curtain track is completely out of commission before you take action. A simple phone call to our customer service team will help you get the correct part you needed for just about any job. Even if your curtain track isn’t one of ours, we have the products and the experience to find a solution.


If you take a minute to stock up on your correct replacement parts now, it won’t be a big deal to replace hooks or endstops as they stop working or get lost.  Many of our hooks are packaged in multiples so if you only need two right now, you could buy a pack of ten and be ready when the next two disappear. If you keep them in arm’s reach of the curtain, maybe you’ll even be inclined to replace them as they are lost instead of waiting until the curtain is near impossible to open.



Check out Curtain-Tracks to see what small improvements you can make to your everyday life.  Aren’t sure what you need?  Email us a picture of your hooks or track and we will be happy to help you make a match.


Discount Program for Designers and Architects

January 4th, 2017



Calling all Interior Designers and Architects!  Are you taking full advantage of your professional memberships?  Did you know that you could be earning a Curtain-Tracks discount just for proving your active status with trade organizations?  A quick Google search for interior design discount will show you that many of the trendiest stores offer a discount to trades professionals and you can consider Curtain-Tracks part of that elite crowd.


Our Discount Program for Interior Designers and Architects is our way of showing how much we appreciate the business you send our way with your own projects as well as the referrals of clients who can use our products.





Upon approval, Interior Designers and Architects will be awarded a unique promotion code to be used at check out.  That’s right, no cutting of coupons or Google searches for codes is necessary.  You will have VIP status to use your very own code, and bonus – it’s good for a whole year!



It’s pretty simple, really.  To be sure you are “the real deal” we just ask for some verification. You’ll need to gather proof of professional status in two of the following categories (details can be found here):

  • Proof of Valid Membership
  • Copy of Business License Certificate
  • Copy of State Tax Exemption Certificate
  • Business card indicating your design profession


After you submit your paperwork and once approved, you will become a VIP-code-carrying-member of our Design Trade Discount Program and it will be valid for an entire year. It really is that simple.


Thank you for your business and referrals!



The Benefits of Curtains In Lofts

January 3rd, 2017



When choosing a home, some people enjoy a single family house, others like condos or apartment living, but many people prefer the loft life. Lofts appeal to so many not only because of the vast openness, but also because of the cool, trendy feel they provide. Exposed brick, large windows, and high ceilings are all wonderful features, but what happens when you have guests visiting overnight or want to create a smaller, more intimate feel?



Photo Credit:



There is a simple solution to these design dilemmas: curtains! Adding curtains to your loft space is not difficult and the benefits are amazing. The best way to hang your floor to ceiling curtains to actually divide the space is to use our Extra Heavy Duty Curtain Track. This track is super strong and can even be spliced together into one long track, allowing a smooth transition to open and close your curtains. So no matter how large of a space you have, adding curtains using this track should be a breeze.



If you are looking to soften the feel of your spacious loft and want to add shears or curtains that aren’t too heavy, our ceiling-mounted tracks are perfect for the job.  They can create smaller spaces such as bedrooms and can also be added as a closet door. Many lofts do not offer a lot of storage space but by adding curtains, you can create your own storage spaces such as in a corner. If you are looking to be extra creative, you can even add curtain tracks and beautiful curtains along a wall to create a visual piece to the space.


We love to see how creative our customers can be with their Curtain-Tracks. Send us a picture and we will include you in a future blog post!



The Curtains and Tracks Behind Luxury Dressing Rooms

December 29th, 2016



Did you receive any gift cards this Christmas?  According to this Washington Post article, the answer is likely yes. But what in the world does Curtain-Tracks have to do with Christmas gift cards?  


Changing area concealed by curtains on tracks



Well, if any of the gift cards burning a hole in your pocket are to stores that sell clothes, one trip inside will show you. Just head to the dressing room and look up to see how Curtain-Tracks is related to your favorite clothing store. That’s right, that hardware holding the curtains might just be our Aluminum Ceiling Mounted Track.  


True, some stores are still using the rows and rows of stalls with doors, but that can feel a little like a restroom. Many upscale and boutique stores are moving towards dressing rooms with privacy curtains. It can create a more upscale and luxurious feeling when done correctly.  



A few things need to happen in order to create a private, high end feeling in a dressing room. First, it needs to be 110% private. There isn’t much more unnerving than watching that one inch gap in the curtain while trying on clothes. Complete privacy can be accomplished by using a track just a little longer than the opening so the curtain closes the entire way. Add a large silver hook to your curtain and secure the curtain to the wall or side curtain to ensure complete privacy.  



Some stores are taking the dressing room design a little further by creating a complete dressing room circle, completely encompassed by curtains. These dressing rooms are handy in retail stores with limited space. In this situation, the fabric should overlap with itself, so using our Flexible Curtain Track will be an easy solution.   


Of course the finishing touches on a project like this is the fabric. The fancier they are, the more high end they will feel and look. That usually also means they are heavy than typical curtain so we recommend our strong Double Wheel Carrier combined with our 7142 Steel Curtain Hook.



So, think of Curtain-Tracks the next time you are out spending your gift cards. Take a look up to the ceiling in the dressing room and let us know what you find. You can even send us pictures to Happy Shopping!


Creating a Frustration Free Shower

December 28th, 2016



I bet many of our readers have had a tension shower curtain rod fall on them at least once.  How frustrating! Staying up and holding curtains are literally the only two jobs these rods have, and they often fail. There isn’t much worse than opening the shower curtain in the morning, half awake, and having the entire thing fall on your toes. Ouch!





Now, imagine opening your shower curtain with ease. Satisfying, right? (Sometimes it’s the simple things in life.)  With ceiling mounted curtain tracks, you can even take some frustration out on the shower curtain as you prepare for a long day at the office and bemoan the fact that you are awake well before the sun.



So, fellow Curtain-Tracks readers, it’s time to change the way we think. Who decided that we must all use a tension mounted rod to hang our shower curtains? A quick Google search will show you that several people have been cited; and really, this invention serves a great purpose in some situations. However, Curtain-Tracks believes that our products are better equipped to handle the daily use of the shower.


Because they can be mounted to the ceiling, they can hold much more weight. This weight could come from a super-fancy velour shower curtain, or from kids hanging from the curtain like Tarzan. The weight could come from your frustration as you get ready for work and realize you are running late. Whatever the case, the strength of our ceiling mounted tracks is hard to argue.



In addition to strength, our ceiling mounted track, carriers, and brackets provide a sleek look. The added height of the curtains, all the way to the ceiling, is simply pretty. It gives a clean line from floor to ceiling, and hides any grime that might be lurking in the shower.

On last point, if you are a freeze baby in the shower, another benefit to ceiling mounted curtains is that they let out less steam, and therefore less heat. Think of it as your own personal sauna. You’re welcome.


Easy Klips Are Easy. Strong. Brilliant. Reusable.

December 19th, 2016



Are you a business owner who tends to have some pretty awesome sales? Advertising these sales to potential customers can be tricky. Technology is great and word of mouth is even better, but often the traditional sign can be the best way to lure customers into your store. Once you’ve created your beautiful banner with your logo and sale prominently displayed, how do you hang it in your store window? Or maybe you are a local crafter who attends lots of shows throughout the year. How do you display your banner in your booth when there aren’t any holes?





Easy Klips are the answer to your banner hanging problem. They are simple and wonderful and attach to a banner made of just about any material using the most powerful grip on the market. They even have a place to attach a rope.  As the weight or pressure increases on the clip, the grip actually gets stronger. How cool is that? Easy Klips are available in packages as small as ten and as many as 100, and come in black or white.



Curtain-Tracks also offers a mini klip which holds up to 154 pounds and a midi klip which can hold up to 220 pounds. That’s crazy powerful for such little gadgets that are only a few inches big. No tools are needed to use these klips and they’re reusable. You can take them on and off (you only need one hand) or move them around as you wish and they don’t leave any holes or marks behind. These little things are brilliant.


Give us a call today to get your advertising banner hung with ease.  Order a few more than you think you need.  We guarantee you will find all sorts of uses for them! 1-888-434-7444. Happy Holidays!

Keep Your Noises To Yourself With Workplace Curtains

December 11th, 2016



My elementary school didn’t have walls. True story. We had “pods” which was an open space with FOUR classes happening at the same time. The idea was open concept education and I wouldn’t call it a success; I would call it a fad, similar to the open concept office set up. I wouldn’t say I’m any more or less distractible than the next person and I can totally relate to this article from NPR about coworkers and their bodily functions.





NPR points to the illusion of privacy as the problem with cubicles in offices. The partial walls aren’t sound proof, but give the feeling of some privacy so employees are a little less guarded. Workplace curtains, however, would actually give some privacy and some sound dampening. Even the author of the article points to curtains as a solution, and she doesn’t even work for us.    



Not only do we have the curtains to do the job (this Eclipse fabric is awesome quality and even helps absorb sound) but we have heavy duty hardware to match. Our Eclipse fabric comes in panels that are 58 inches wide and a variety of heights between 58 inches, all the way up to 100 inches. This product is flame retardant, meets codes, and is even machine washable. The color choices are impressive and we think that using a wide variety of these colors in one office space would create a happy vibe.



The next time there are noises coming from the cubicle across the way, consider sending your boss a link to Curtain-Tracks to learn more about workplace curtains. Or, you can print our newsletter and strategically leave it in the break room or on the boss’ desk. Help your office jump on the front edge of a new fad: curtains in the workplace.





Don’t Dread The Unfinished Basement: Adding Curtain-Tracks

November 28th, 2016



We often get calls from customers looking for solutions to their unfinished basement. They want to install a drop ceiling but the issue they have is dividing a room to create different spaces such as a game room for the kids or a workout room for the adults.





The solution we suggest is our 6155 Flexible Curtain Track Drop Ceiling Clamp. This handy dandy item can attach to the drop panel grid support and to a curtain track without any drilling or bracing. These clamps work great with one of our most popular tracks, the 6100 Flexible Curtain Track.



The 6100 Flexible Curtain Track can be can custom cut and bent by hand so it perfectly fits your space. It can also be used for straight, curved and angled applications. There’s a reason why it’s so popular.  To finish this project, we also suggest our 6111 Flexible Curtain Track Carriers and 6131 Flexible Curtain Track End Caps.



Once you have your curtain track hardware installed, simply add curtains. Curtains not only add some warmth and texture to your basement, they also can create a virtual wall to hide a storage area, workout space, or unsightly furnace or sump pump. Not only can they create virtual walls they can even (brace yourself…) be used to cover the windows! The windows in a basement with a drop ceiling may be at the level of the ceiling panels, making hanging a rod impractical. Simply install our track and your favorite decorative curtains, and your unfinished basement doesn’t look so unfinished anymore.


Ready to tackle the dreaded basement project? You can order any of these items on our website or simply contact us!


This Trade Show Season, Will Your Booth Stand Out?

November 23rd, 2016



Every year, trade show season rolls around and those in the healthcare, automotive and education industries (plus so many others) attend and exhibit at these trade shows. For those who have an exhibit booth, the goal is stand out from the competition. But how do you do that?





Most booth spaces are 10 x 10 square feet. That doesn’t give you a ton of room but you can utilize every inch of that space with design elements that are attractive. One great way to do that is to add curtain tracks and curtains to your space to soften the appearance and make your space more welcoming. You can do this by creating a square frame that wraps around your booth space. Our 4108 Bendable I-Beam Curtain Track is a good choice for this application because it can be hand-bent into curved shapes, and mounted to the wall or ceiling with snap-in retainers. Another good option is our 6200 Heavy Duty I-Beam Curtain Track, which can stand up to repeated tear-down and re-installation. Add some curtains and wow – your booth just got pretty cool.



Wondering if the look will be too much for such a small space? You don’t need heavy drapes on your booth but instead can add sheers and draw them against the posts. Add a solid color drape that mimics your businesses colors along the back side of the booth (and it will give you more privacy from the booth behind you) and you are all set.



Another fantastic reason to add curtain tracks and curtains to your booth is it allows you to draw the curtains close at the end of the exhibit day which will create a more secure environment and will help deter stragglers from taking all of your attendee’s giveaways.



Ready to think outside the 10 x 10? Contact us and we can help you create a trade show booth space that will stop attendees (and your potential future customers) in their tracks!