Don’t Dread The Unfinished Basement: Adding Curtain-Tracks

November 28th, 2016



We often get calls from customers looking for solutions to their unfinished basement. They want to install a drop ceiling but the issue they have is dividing a room to create different spaces such as a game room for the kids or a workout room for the adults.





The solution we suggest is our 6155 Flexible Curtain Track Drop Ceiling Clamp. This handy dandy item can attach to the drop panel grid support and to a curtain track without any drilling or bracing. These clamps work great with one of our most popular tracks, the 6100 Flexible Curtain Track.



The 6100 Flexible Curtain Track can be can custom cut and bent by hand so it perfectly fits your space. It can also be used for straight, curved and angled applications. There’s a reason why it’s so popular.  To finish this project, we also suggest our 6111 Flexible Curtain Track Carriers and 6131 Flexible Curtain Track End Caps.



Once you have your curtain track hardware installed, simply add curtains. Curtains not only add some warmth and texture to your basement, they also can create a virtual wall to hide a storage area, workout space, or unsightly furnace or sump pump. Not only can they create virtual walls they can even (brace yourself…) be used to cover the windows! The windows in a basement with a drop ceiling may be at the level of the ceiling panels, making hanging a rod impractical. Simply install our track and your favorite decorative curtains, and your unfinished basement doesn’t look so unfinished anymore.


Ready to tackle the dreaded basement project? You can order any of these items on our website or simply contact us!


This Trade Show Season, Will Your Booth Stand Out?

November 23rd, 2016



Every year, trade show season rolls around and those in the healthcare, automotive and education industries (plus so many others) attend and exhibit at these trade shows. For those who have an exhibit booth, the goal is stand out from the competition. But how do you do that?





Most booth spaces are 10 x 10 square feet. That doesn’t give you a ton of room but you can utilize every inch of that space with design elements that are attractive. One great way to do that is to add curtain tracks and curtains to your space to soften the appearance and make your space more welcoming. You can do this by creating a square frame that wraps around your booth space. Our 4108 Bendable I-Beam Curtain Track is a good choice for this application because it can be hand-bent into curved shapes, and mounted to the wall or ceiling with snap-in retainers. Another good option is our 6200 Heavy Duty I-Beam Curtain Track, which can stand up to repeated tear-down and re-installation. Add some curtains and wow – your booth just got pretty cool.



Wondering if the look will be too much for such a small space? You don’t need heavy drapes on your booth but instead can add sheers and draw them against the posts. Add a solid color drape that mimics your businesses colors along the back side of the booth (and it will give you more privacy from the booth behind you) and you are all set.



Another fantastic reason to add curtain tracks and curtains to your booth is it allows you to draw the curtains close at the end of the exhibit day which will create a more secure environment and will help deter stragglers from taking all of your attendee’s giveaways.



Ready to think outside the 10 x 10? Contact us and we can help you create a trade show booth space that will stop attendees (and your potential future customers) in their tracks!


Curtains That WOW!

November 21st, 2016



Have you ever noticed that you are much more aware of things when they become important in your world? If you are in the market for new glasses, you suddenly realize and take notice of everyone else’s glasses. Say you are pregnant; suddenly it seems like everyone around you is also pregnant. Painting at your house? You are all of a sudden very aware of all the different paint selections around you. The same is true for our Curtain-Tracks staff. Everywhere we go, we notice the curtains and the hardware. According to, there are many studies happening about the science behind this attention. We love what we do so much that it becomes part of who we are, even on vacation.  




Sometimes we notice the curtains because they need some attention and we know our products could do a better job. Other times, like when Curtain-Tracks’ friend Bob looked up, he noticed what an awesome job our products were doing. He sent us this picture from a hotel in New Orleans. It shows how huge (and therefore very heavy) these curtain panels are, and Bob noticed that they were very securely hung using heavy duty curtain tracks and hardware.     



It’s not entirely surprising it was a heavy duty track that was noticed. We have written several posts about the many different uses of our heavy duty curtain tracks line. From a church to the garage and everywhere in between, this line can hold the heaviest of curtains and stand up to the most frequent openings and closings. These heavy duty curtain tracks are often combined with heavy duty curtains. Many theaters use our products to support their super heavy stage curtains because they can handle the weight and the frequent use and some hotels use them to divide the space in a room into kid and adult space. The possibilities are really only limited by one’s imagination.



We are willing to bet that if you have been a loyal Curtain-Tracks Blog reader, you likely now exactly what we are talking about. You have probably drawn the curtains in your hotel and taken notice of how they are hung. Or, maybe grumbled under your breath at the hardware that got stuck as you tried to close the curtain or the light peering through too early in the morning. On the flip side, it’s pretty exciting when you notice our products doing their job well. If this ever happens to you, take a picture and send it to us!




Dress Up Your French Doors

November 11th, 2016



French doors are fabulous for many reasons but the one reason we love most is that they let the sun shine in! Daylight savings time is here and that means there will be fewer hours of daylight and we want to take advantage of the sun as much as we can during the dreary winter months.




Even though French doors are already beautiful, sometimes you need a bit of privacy so we like to capitalize on this beauty by adding gorgeous curtains. A simple set of sheers on a simple curtain track can be a gorgeous compliment but if you would like more privacy, a set of heavier fabric curtains over a sheer is a great way to “close off” the room when needed. If you want something even heavier, our Eclipse Light-Blocking Curtains are a great option for privacy and room darkening, with the added bonus of sound-absorbing, too. These are particularly useful if you are one of those lucky souls who have a set of French doors in your bedroom.



Any of our popular ceiling curtain tracks will work well with your French doors, especially since some of our tracks can even be recessed into the ceiling, creating a seamless floor to ceiling look that adds visual height to the door and allows you to treat the whole area as one design element. And of course, the 6100 Flexible Curtain Track is also a good choice as it can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and bent by hand into curved or angled shapes. Just add our high-quality drapery hardware, including curtain carriers and gliders to allow the curtains to be opened and closed smoothly and quietly and your French doors will not only be beautiful but also functional!


For more design ideas and inspiration for your French doors, be sure to visit us on Pinterest!


And The Winner Is…

November 2nd, 2016



Congratulations, Dee!  Thank you for allowing Curtain-Tracks to assist with your sail boat curtains project.  And, thank you for sending us pictures of the finished product. We love how they look in your boat! You were the winner of our recent contest, so to show our appreciation, we are sending you a chicken dinner. Just kidding! A $50 Amazon gift card is on its way! Enjoy!





At Curtain-Tracks, we love providing top-notch customer service from the beginning to the end. For Dee, the process began when she performed a Google search. She found our company and was easily able to find our phone number in the upper right corner of our website. Then, she had the fortune of speaking with Brenda, one of our fabulous customer service representatives with a great reputation for knowing her product and asking great questions. With just a phone call, Dee was able to get a high quality, custom made product that fit perfectly and looked great!  Dee reports that Brenda was able to “make things so easy and provide such a quality product.”



Brenda asked Dee lots of great questions about what she was envisioning for her boat curtains.  Brenda took those ideas and made her vision a reality and she was tickled by the results. Dee liked her new boat curtains so much she even shared our information with her brother and sister in law who now plan to have Brenda help with their sailboat. Referrals are the ultimate compliment for Curtain-Tracks and we are certainly appreciative that Dee liked us enough to share us with her brother.    


Want to become an internet sensation like Dee? Send us your photos and we will give you some love on our website. We love seeing completed projects and so do our readers. We often run contests so keep an eye on our blog for your next chance to win.



Our T-Glides Are Not Cliché

October 25th, 2016



Don’t reinvent the wheel.  Don’t fix what isn’t broken. The best thing since sliced bread. Our T Glides are not cliché, but they can fit right into several of our favorite overused phrases. You see, this wonderful little product, a simple nylon “T” shaped glide that works on many of our tracks, and a piece of elastic, has been around since the 1970’s for good reason. It is simple, and does the job quite well.  





The 2.25 inches of elastic included with our T Glides can be sewn into curtain panels on both the top and the bottom. Heck, we can even do the sewing for you at Curtain-Tracks! Check out our selection of curtains, let us know the dimensions you need, and we can put together an entire package for you. Talk about custom!    


Adding a second track on the bottom of a window, combined with our T Glides, creates a tailored look and keeps the fabric tucked neatly out of the way. When space is of importance in, say, an RV for instance, this simple and compact hanging of curtains is a life saver. Thanks to the give in the elastic, opening and closing your new RV curtains is smooth. The fabric being taught against the tracks also allows for the curtains to be partially open or closed, even when the window is open and there is a breeze.



So, whether you are updating an Airstream RV from the 70’s or spring cleaning your family’s boat, Curtain-Tracks can help. This T-Glide comes 14 to a bag and is compatible with the parts from many recreational vehicles and boats. So, if your hardware is beginning to look a little run down, don’t feel like you need to replace everything. Just pick out one of our awesome fabrics, order a bag or two of T-Glides, and you are set. You’ll be impressed at how such a simple update will create a new vibe in your space.  


Send us a picture of your RV curtains project and we can help you with measurements, sewing, and even installation guidelines. Then, send us another picture with your finished project. We love to see our customers’ updated spaces.


Awkward Angles Are No Match For Curtain-Tracks

October 18th, 2016



Many homeowners leave their bay windows bare because they are unsure how to measure and install traditional curtain rods. Add in the fact that homes are different, especially older homes with varying angles between walls, and even pre-made bay window tracks become frustrating. Curtain-Tracks flagship flexible curtain track allows for an easy installation and a perfect fit each time.


Our 6100 Flexible Curtain Track is perfect for bay windows

Our 6100 Flexible Curtain Track is perfect for bay windows



The first step in this easy DIY project is measuring. You’ll want to be sure to measure the entire space that you want the curtains to be able to hang. We suggest that the track run the entire length of your bay windows so that you have options as your tastes and needs change. If the track runs from edge to edge, the curtains can create privacy when closed and can also be positioned anywhere in between windows for different looks. Don’t forget to measure all the way to the angle in between the windows to allow for the bend in the track.



Not only can our flexible curtain track create an easy and custom fit for each bay or corner window, it can allow for a sleek and flexible look. The 6100 track can be hung from the ceiling or the wall using cartridges every ten inches. The beauty is that neither of these cartridges get in the way of the curtains’ movement. That means that the panels can cover the entire bay area (the wall area included) or just the windows or any combination of the two.



Take another look at your bay window with this flexible track in mind. Wouldn’t it be an easy upgrade to add the possibility of curtains to this space? What about two windows in a corner bedroom or bump out of the living room?  Send us a picture of your project and we can guide you on measurements and product choices.


Curtain-Tracks Creates THE Coolest Garage on the Block

October 14th, 2016



Strength is the name of the game when you are talking sports. This statement is also true when it comes to a creative project submitted by one of our wonderful customers, Libby. She recently inquired about creating a hockey backstop in her garage. What fun for her kids! Her house is definitely the coolest spot on the block now.





Brenda was the perfect customer service agent to help with this project. Her knowledge and ability to ask the right questions helped turn this idea into reality. And, better yet, this reality is so durable, secure, and robust; it will last for a long time to come. When Brenda realized how hard the hockey pucks would be hitting the tarp (Could be upwards of 100 miles per hour according to!) she knew that she had to find products that would hold up.





Curtain-Tracks Extra Heavy Duty track is definitely extra heavy duty, but Brenda knows about an even stronger product that has not yet been made available on our website. It is not exactly pretty, but wow is it durable!  This track is industrial strength galvanized steel in a 16 gauge thickness. It is 1.5 inches tall and .5 inches wide, comes in eight feet sections and is attached with a large bracket that can be ceiling or wall mounted. Because of the risk of nylon breaking when hit by a hockey puck, Brenda chose an equally heavy duty trolley (which is a fancy name for a stronger carrier) that is made of metal. This trolley can support the weight of a long and heavy tarp and allows for easy opening and closing because of its large diameter. Instant hockey backstop!



Libby’s kids are using this project for hockey, but the possibilities are endless. What sport is your family into? Just think about all of the tennis, golf, baseball or lacrosse that could happen in your garage with this project!



Curtain-Tracks Recognized as Google Trusted Store

October 13th, 2016



We are very excited to announce that Curtain-Tracks was recently selected to join the Google Trusted Stores program. To help shoppers identify online merchants that offer a great shopping experience, the Google Trusted Store badge is awarded to e-commerce sites that demonstrate a track record of on-time shipping and excellent customer service. When visiting the Curtain-Tracks website, shoppers will see a Google Trusted Store badge and can click on it for more information.  


We have always held ourselves to high standards of customer service, so to know that Google took notice is humbling and we are pleased to accept this designation. We are also very excited for our customers to be able to shop on our website with even more confidence than before.  Google_Trusted_Store


As an added benefit, when a shopper makes a purchase at a Google Trusted Store, they have the option to select free purchase protection from Google. Then in the unlikely event of an issue with their purchase, they can request Google’s help, and Google will work with Curtain-Tracks and the customer to address the issue. As part of this, Google offers up to $1,000 lifetime purchase protection for eligible purchases. 


Google Trusted Stores is entirely free, both for shoppers and for online stores. The program helps online stores like Curtain-Tracks attract new customers, increase sales and differentiate themselves by showing off their excellent service via the badge on their websites.



So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to check out our new Google Badge! Our wonderful customer service team will still be available to help you at 1-888-434-7444, but now you can shop on our website with even more confidence than before. We look forward to sharing our product and service with you soon!


Finishing Touches

September 30th, 2016



Curtain-Tracks is your one-stop shop for your entire curtain project. Sure, we have a huge selection of tracks, but we also have all of the necessary parts to complete your project. Once you pick out the perfect track for your project, the 6200 I Beam for example, you’ll need the additional pieces to complete your project, including wall brackets.





If you are looking to add some space between the curtain and the wall, you’ll want our 6261 long bracket. This bracket will give you 2.375 inches of space away from the wall. Because of the extra space, we recommend this bracket for rooms where light and temperature do not need to be regulated. For a more conservative and traditional hanging, you’ll want to select 6260 bracket. This bracket will be more efficient at keeping light and extreme temperatures out of the space.  Brackets are sold in pairs and it is recommended that they be spaced between 24-32 inches. That means if you purchase more than the 12 foot sections, you’ll need three packages of two.



Both the 6261 long wall brackets and the 6260 brackets are made of heavy duty aluminum with an attractive silver mill finish. They will fit well with a modern, industrial and/or minimalist decor. Maybe more importantly, they will hold up to frequent use because of their sturdy construction. The last thing you’ll need for your project are end stops that look very similar to these brackets, but serve a very important function in not letting the carriers and curtains slip off of the end of the beam.



Trust us when we tell you that we have thought of everything for your curtain project.  Call us at 1-888-434-7444 and let us walk you through your project today!  Our wonderful customer service representatives ask all the right questions and have all the right solutions.