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Airstream Replacement Curtains and Curtain Hardware

Airstream Replacement Curtains and Curtain Hardware
By Curtain-Tracks 6 years ago 1422 Views 9 comments

In thumbing through the current issue of Departures magazine, I came across an interesting article about Airstream travel trailers by Jesse Will.  He chronicles a number of interesting facts (some of which are shared below) and it is certainly worth a look if you have any interest in Airstream Trailers, Travel Trailers in general, or RVs.  Here is some of the history shared about the iconic manufacturer of the unmistakable aluminum skinned trailers:

  • 105,000 Airstream trailers exist is various states of repair, since Airstream was founded in 1932
  • The current factory located in Jackson Center, Ohio has been producing trailers since 1952
  • Many of the current productions methods mirror those used since the beginning -- each Airstream is pieced together by hand
  • Each Airstream trailer is held together by three to four thousand rivets and screws
  • The Airstream factory does restoration work to refurbish vintage Airstream trailers

eddie bauer airstream curtains The New Eddie Bauer Airstream

We have a lot of customers who are Airstream owners looking for replacement parts for their trailers including Airstream curtain tracks, curtains, carriers or glides, and end stops.  Since everyone can't afford a brand new Airstream with a sticker price of up to $74,000, we are here to help those that want the keep their existing Airstream looking its best.  Curtain-Tracks.com offers several curtain carriers that are Airstream compatible, and have the curtain glides below.  We can also make custom replacement RV curtains for your Airstream trailer as well.

Airstream Curtain Carrier G Glide with Elastic - Airstream Part # 700045

Airstream Curtains T Glide with Elastic - 3042 - Airstream Part # 700044

Sew In Curtain Tab Airstream Sew In Tab - 3038

Regardless of whether you are lucky enough to own a vintage Airstream Clipper or Silver Cloud, or some other make and model of trailer, camper, or RV, if you need replacement Airstream curtains, curtain tracks or hardware, Curtain-Tracks.com is a great source to find what you need.  If we don't have it, we are happy to point a customer in the right direction on where they may be able to source the right parts.  And if that doesn't work and a replacement curtain track system is in order, we will certainly be able to meet your needs as well.

john chapman 5 months ago at 2:36 PM
Just bought a 93 Excella --------needs new curtins------tracks are good----curtins are there but stinky and old-----maybe front and back in linen and sides in some kind of blind.
Curtain-Tracks 5 months ago at 2:36 PM
John - one of our customer service advisers will be in touch shortly. We can certainly fabricate replacement curtains for your pre-owned Airstream trailer. Adding new curtains can really revitalize the appearance of RVs, campers and travel trailers. Because they go long stretches without being used, the interiors can get musty, and the sun's harmful UV rays also take a toll on window curtains. We hope to help you with your project to make your Excella Airstream trailer as good as new! If it turns out you do need new drapery hardware as well, we also have you covered.
John Boehmer 5 months ago at 2:36 PM
looking to put some new curtains in a 83 airstream. Please call or write
Curtain-Tracks 5 months ago at 2:36 PM
John - thanks for the inquiry. You will be hearing from an RV curtain specialist shortly. She will be able to help determine the specifications for your new travel trailer curtains and help make your Airstream as good as new.
Alyce 5 months ago at 2:36 PM
We have a 1986 Airstream - Sovereign, and I am trying to replace all the hooks top and bottom for
the curtains, I will make the curtains, but can't find the replacement plastic hardware. Thanks for your help Alyce
lynn 28 days ago at 9:33 PM
I purchased a 1981 excella airstream with no curtains . I need help ??
Curtain-Tracks 24 days ago at 9:12 AM
Lynn - One of our sales representatives can help - please call 888-434-7444, M-F 8:30-4:30 CST. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!
B Wilkins 6 days ago at 3:46 PM
Wanting to change current drapes/curtains in our 2009 Classic Limited 27' AS. I purchased the track and material, but cannot find the Brackets I need to attach the tracks to the walls. There are two different lengths that hold the existing tracks, top and bottom, which I want to connect to. I have searched AirStream sights, Generic sights, even called a local dealer. They must be the Best Kept Secret EVER, because no one has them. Please help! We have a 2 week trip planned the last of May and need curtains installed.
Jeannie smith 4 days ago at 4:26 PM
Love the fine of curtain accessories I hope to make my own! Also I may customize the pull shades to Roman shades! I love to do upholstery so may be I will try Airstream etc...! I may need some details on construction!