Ceiling Mount Curtain Tracks

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These curtain tracks and rails are designed and intended to be mounted to the ceiling or other horizontal surfaces. The ceiling mounted curtain track is either screwed directly into the ceiling through mounting holes or attached to the ceiling with specific ceiling mount hardware such as clips, clamps, brackets, or retainers.

Some ceiling mount drapery tracks can also be recessed into ceilings as well, and drop ceiling clamps are available for the 6100 curtain track, making it easy to quickly attach the track to the acoustical grid ceiling without any drilling or bracing. Regardless of your ceiling mount curtain hardware requirements, we are confident that our customer service team will quickly and efficiently advise you on the correct ceiling mount configuration.

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  • 84003 Ball Bearing Carrier Curtain Track

  • 84004 Ball Bearing Carrier Curtain Track - Ceiling Mount - 8 Feet

    84004 Ball Bearing Carrier Track - White
  • 88001 Privacy Cubicle Curtain Track - White

    White Privacy Cubicle Track
  • 6100 Flexible Curtain Track

    6100 Flexible Track - Heavy Duty
    Price From: $5.00
  • RECMAR 3110 Plastic Curtain Track - 8 Feet

    3110 Curtain Track - White
  • RECMAR 2010 Plastic Ceiling Mount Curtain Track - 8 Feet

    White Plastic RV Curtain Track for Glide Tape

Set Descending Direction

6 Item(s)