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End stops serve several functions in a drapery hardware track system.  End stops keep the carriers or glides within the track.  In addition, they can be used to anchor the curtain at the end of the curtain track or mid track as needed.  Some can also provide a return, which wraps the curtain around the end of the track towards the wall.  End stops may provide more utility than meets the eye.  Never hesitate to consult with one our drapery hardware advisors to get expert advice and helpful hints.

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  • 88136 Privacy Cubicle Track Metal End Cap

    Metal End Cap for Privacy Cubicle Track
  • 88132 Privacy Cubicle Track Plastic End Cap w/ Gate

    Privacy Cubicle Track Plastic End Cap w/ Gate
  • 84136 End Cap with Return

    84136 End Cap with Return
  • 84134 End Cap with Friction Carrier

    84134 End Cap with Carrier
  • 84132 Metal End Stop

    84131 Metal End Stop for Curtain Track
  • 6131 Flexible Curtain Track End Caps

    6131 End Cap - Standard Duty
    Price From: $0.40
  • RECMAR 2190 Nylon Positive Hold End Cap (2 per Pack)

    Postive Catch End Stops
  • RECMAR 3115 Curtain Track End Cap

    3115 End Cap for Snap Tape Curtain Track - White
  • RECMAR 5034 Curtain Track End Cap (2/bag)

    5034 Snap Tape Track End Cap - White
  • 6320 End Stop for I Beam Track

    I Beam End Stop
  • RECMAR 4134 Curtain Track End Stop (2/bag)

    4134 End Stop
  • RECMAR 4132 Curtain Track End Stop (2/bag)

    4132 End Stop
  • RECMAR 7127 Stainless Steel Curtain Track End Stop (10/bag)

    7127 Stainless Steel End Stop - Silver
  • RECMAR 3032 Curtain Track End Stop w/ Loop (4/bag)

    3032 End Stop with Loop
  • RECMAR 3030 Steel End Stop (10/bag)

    3030 End Stop with Black Set Screw

Set Ascending Direction

15 Item(s)