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The installation of these curtain track systems is not complicated, and can be completed by most Do-It-Yourselfers (DIY’s). With the use of simple tools (drill, screw driver, laser level, miter saw), the installations can be completed fairly quickly. You should use good judgment in assessing the mounting surface to be sure the tracks will be adequately supported. Review the topics below for more information, and download the specific installation instructions to aid you with your project.

Fasteners does not sell mounting fasteners (screws, toggle bolts, anchors, etc.) as specific installations vary widely, and can best be addressed at your local hardware store. When selecting screws/bolts that are to be inserted through the slot in a track, be sure to consider that the head of the screw/bolt must fit clearly through the slot without marring the track. It is advisable to attach tracks and brackets to ceiling joists and wall studs or other solid supporting surfaces whenever possible. Anchors can also be used when sheetrock offers the only attaching surface.

Multiple Track or Wider Applications

Wider applications may require that tracks be mounted end to end. Some track systems offer splicers that connect the track sections, while others require that the tracks be aligned and abutted during installation without additional hardware. In either case, it is important to fully align the tracks to minimize the seam and thus reduce the likelihood that carriers jam in transit. Often, the use of a laser level can assist in marking consistent mounting locations to assist with this alignment. When installing tracks to be used with two way draw curtains that meet in the middle, it is advisable to center the seam so that carriers are not traveling over the seam.

Cord Drawn Traverse Rods and Tracks does not offer cord drawn systems. All Curtain-Track systems are hand drawn systems.

Attaching Wands or Batons

Some curtain track systems offer master carriers that allow for easy attachment of a wand or baton to draw curtains or draperies open or closed. For systems where a master carrier is not offered, you can also add an additional carrier between the 1st and 2nd carrier on each panel, allowing a free carrier that can be used to support a baton or wand.

Mounting Holes

Most curtain tracks do not have the mounting holes pre-drilled. To drill holes, identify where the holes should be positioned and mark the track. Using a small bit, drill pilot holes centered in the slot through the top of the track. Standard drill bits work fine on all aluminum tracks. After confirming that the pilot hole is centered in the correct position, use an appropriate bit that creates holes that will accommodate your screws of bolts. Take care not to damage the slot of the curtain track when drilling or mounting the track.

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