610 EasyKlip Midi Tarp & Banner Clip - 10 per pack

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The Midi is a great new clip product designed specifically to grip tarps, clear poly, or any fabric or sheet goods that require a strong long lasting hold. Larger and stronger than the Mini Clip, the Midi Clip is designed for heavier duty applications where additional clamping strength is required. Often called tarp clips, tarp fasteners or tarp clamps, the entire line up of EasyKlip products has been engineered to be durable, affordable and easy to use. All it takes is one hand! The patented EasyKlip design is twice as strong as other tarp clips and it actually grips tighter the more is pulled on! Competitor̢‰s tarp clips grip the material using constant static pressure, no matter how heavy or how much the load weighs or pulls. The Midi clip has been engineered to increase its clamping pressure or grip, as the load increases. This makes our tarp clips the strongest most reliable on the market. All EasyKlip products are ideal for tarps used for Camping, Farming and Agriculture, Gardening and Horticulture as well as Boating and Automotive. EasyKlip tarp and banner clips are also popular for use in advertising and trade shows banners, retail promo̢‰s, and Billboards. * No tools needed * Instant grip" up to 220 lbs! * Quick Release Mechanism * The heavier the load - the greater the grip * Reusable / Relocate as required * Apply with one hand operation * Takes thick fabrics / up to 6mm * Available in white or black"
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