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  • RECMAR 3118 Aluminum Ceiling Mount Track - 12 Feet

    Part # 3118

    3118 Ceiling Mount Curtain Track
  • 84003 Ball Bearing Carrier Curtain Track

    Part # 84003

  • 84004 Ball Bearing Carrier Curtain Track - Ceiling Mount - 8 Feet

    Part # 84004

    84004 Ball Bearing Carrier Track - White
  • 88001 Privacy Cubicle Curtain Track - Silver

    Part # 88001

    88001 Privacy Cubicle Track
    Price From: $25.00
  • 88001 Privacy Cubicle Curtain Track - White

    Part # 88001-W

    White Privacy Cubicle Track
  • 6100 Flexible Curtain Track

    Part # 6100-FLEX

    6100 Flexible Track - Heavy Duty
    Price From: $5.00
  • RECMAR 3120 Extra Heavy Duty Curtain Track - 12 Feet

    Part # 3120

    3120 Track - Black Anodized Finish
    Price From: $60.00

Set Descending Direction

7 Item(s)

Our curtain track systems have many uses in retail applications to make the best use of spaces and allow for privacy especially in clothing stores. Retailers and business owners can easily create fashionable doors on fixed changing room stalls or create fitting and dressing rooms without using any fixed walls. These options allow for creative use of decorative fabrics to aid designers in achieving dramatic looks, as well as reducing carpentry and installation costs of fixed walls.

Another common use in retail is adding backdrops which are often suspended behind retail display windows, affording store owners to vary the look of displays with minimal cost and effort. Retail display designers also use the track to suspend design elements in display windows as well, providing examples of how curtain tracks can be creatively deployed.