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Customer Project: Clawfoot Tub and Curtain Tracks

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Clawfoot and stand alone tubs are making a comeback as homeowners tackle bathroom projects during COVID. Large soaker tubs are being ripped out and replaced with smaller stylish, or vintage tubs that don't take up as much space but still provide a relaxing soak. (If you are looking for the very best bathtub available, be sure to check out these selections from Business Insider.) One common dilemma with this type of remodel is what to do if the beautiful tub also doubles as a shower? How do you keep the water in the tub?


One solution to this common issue is adding curtain tracks around the tub. Matthew M. from Washington DC recently contacted us for a similar project for his clawfoot tub and he installed the 4108 Bendable I Beam Curtain Track. This is a Silver or Black anodized aluminum track with a satin finish. Available in 8 foot sections, it can be hand bent making it perfect for this project. Ceiling or Wall Mount. This track works well with 4121 nylon wheel carriers or 3312 nylon block carriers, and 4126 ceiling bracket or our 3082 snap in retainer. Once the track was completely installed, Matthew added the Shower Shield Curtains in Shadow which are antimicrobial, machine washable and have stain and odor release properties, to complete the look.


Tackling a project like this doesn't have to be daunting. We are here to help you select the right products and provide tips and tricks for installation. For design inspiration, check us out on Pinterest!

Not All Wall Mount Curtain Tracks Are Equal

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We often talk about ceiling mount curtain tracks and how they are designed to be mounted to the ceiling or any other horizontal surface. Depending on the track, it can be screwed directly into the ceiling, attached to the ceiling using specific hardware, or it can even be recessed into the ceiling. But we don't just carry ceiling tracks, we also have a robust selection of wall mount curtain tracks - and they are not all the same.


Some wall mount tracks like the 5400 curtain track and 3112 plastic track can be mounted flush to the wall. These tracks only need screws and there is no need for any additional mounting brackets or hardware. The 5400 Wall Mount Track is available in 3-foot sections and has mounting holes every 9”. These tracks can even be overlapped for longer applications. What makes this track so fantastic is it can be bent to a 15” radius horizontally, and vertically 5” per 36-inch section. The way to do this is to heat the track in hot water first and then slightly bend it for arched and bent installations making it perfect for your project.

The 3112 Wall Mount Track (pictured below) is made of PVC plastic and is available in 8-foot sections. This track allows for mounting holes to be easily drilled during installation and is also flexible for arched applications. This versatile track is available in a variety of colors including white, brown, gray, and black.


Others tracks like the 84003 or 4108 track both use wall brackets that enable for a space between the wall and the track. The 84003 track also offers double wall brackets which allow for a pair of wall mounted drapery tracks to run parallel. This use is common with sheers on one track and curtains on the second.


No matter the project, we have the largest selection of curtain tracks giving you options when it comes to your curtain track project. Check out other articles on our Blog to learn more about wall mount curtain tracks or reach out to our customer service team with your questions: 888-465-0274.

COVID-19 Home Improvement Projects

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Americans are staying home more and while they are hunkering down, they are tackling those long-awaited home improvement projects. Contractors are busier than ever and home improvement stores are bustling with DIYers. In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, "Daily foot traffic to Home Depot stores since April has been running at least 35% above last year’s, according to Unacast Inc., which tracks location data from 25 million cellphones on any given day. In 26 states, traffic doubled following a surge in late May." If this sounds like you, read on because we have some easy and affordable updates that you can complete all on your own.


Swap out those old dated curtain rods for seamless curtain tracks and freshen up the room with new curtains. Curtain tracks, unlike rods, can be mounted to the ceiling or the wall and the smooth track allows for seamless opening and closing due to the curtain carriers or glides. These carriers help the curtains smoothly - and quietly - glide along the track, unlike large curtain rings that are often found on curtain rods. Curtain tracks are also extremely durable as they are affixed in various places along the track. With curtain rods, the bracket can easily pull out of the wall causing you to take on a whole new project: drywall repair.

ceiling mount curtain tracks


Studies show that the average person spends at least 30 minutes in the bathroom every day. If that sounds accurate to you, maybe it's time to switch out that tired curtain rod and update your bathroom by adding a ceiling mount curtain track, drop chains and a sleek new shower curtain? For many of the same reasons listed above, curtain tracks are super sturdy and they look great, plus they create a sleek, modern and fresh look to your bathroom.

drop chains

Bathroom Curtains


Curtain tracks aren't just for living rooms and bathrooms, they can be used outside. Adding curtain tracks and weatherproof curtains to your porch or pergola can help protect against the hot afternoon sun and windy days and they also allow for privacy. Some great products for a project like this include: the 3120 Heavy Duty Curtain Track in Silver, the 7127 Stainless Steel End Stops, 7140 Large Double Wheel Carriers and 7142 Stainless Steel Curtain Hooks.

Outdoor curtain tracks


Each of these projects can be completed easily and quickly. So whether one, or all, of these projects are on your Honey-Do list, we have you covered. For the best selection of curtain tracks, curtains, hardware and accessories, look no further than www.curtain-tracks.com.

Room Divider Curtains For Your Business

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Room divider curtains are becoming more popular, especially during this time of COVID-19. They are a fantastic solution to make the most out of a room, whether big or small, by dividing areas off and creating privacy. Often used in churches, conference rooms and restaurant banquet areas, room divider curtains are now seeing more use in dorm rooms, classrooms and office spaces. They not only offer flexibility in how interior spaces can be utilized, they also help with sound proofing and create a barrier for social distancing. In the image below, the restaurant added ceiling mount curtain tracks painted to match the wood beams, and curtains that compliment the decor. The curtains allow the space to be enclosed to create a separate party room.


Several factors come into play when deciding what products to use for your room divider project. These include the size of the space, the height of the ceiling and the weight of the curtains that will be used. This information will help determine the correct curtain track and hardware for the project. A common track that is often used for room divider curtains is the 3120 Extra Heavy Duty Curtain Track. This track is available in silver or black anodized aluminum and it has a thicker top wall for added support. The 7140 Double Wheel or 7146 Short Snap Carriers work well with this track. Other ceiling mount track options include the 6200 Heavy Duty I-Beam Track which is commonly used in commercial businesses such as warehouses. Another option is the 84003 Ceiling Mount Track Kit. This kit includes everything you need including a 8 foot curtain track, 28 ball bearing carriers, 2 metal end stops and 6 ceiling clips.

Nov 4, 2019 5:54:39 AM


Creating safe, healthy spaces is more important than ever. If your business, restaurant or classroom could benefit from room divider curtains, our team is here to help. 1-888-465-0274

Creating An Isolation Facility

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Several months ago, Curtain-Tracks had the opportunity to work with the Army Corps of Engineers as they installed curtains to separate beds and create an isolation facility for Soldiers, Airmen and State Guardsmen suspected of having COVID-19. The barracks allowed the men and women to recover in a safe environment and prevent further spread of the virus. They used 88001 track which is commonly used in hospital and medical facilities. It is an aluminum track that can be spliced together for longer applications. They also used the 88100 carriers which are two wheel carriers with hook, and “quick ship” privacy cubicle curtains These curtains not only ship quickly, they are flame retardent per NFPA #701 standards and machine washable.

In the image below, Texas Army Sgt. Keith Huffstuttler, a team leader with Task Force 176’s 840th Engineering Mobility Augmentation Company, installs curtains to separate beds in Camp Swift.

In the image below, Texas Army National Guard combat engineers Pvt. Blake Hall and Spc. Nallely Cantu, both members of the 840th Engineer Mobility Augmentation Company, operating within Task Force 176, install curtains to separate beds in Camp Swift barracks.

Since the outbreak of COVD-19, the team at Curtain-Tracks has had the opportunity to not only work with the Army Corps of Engineers, but with several other medical facilities and organizations as they create isolation facilities due to COVID-19. If your organization needs privacy curtains, curtain tracks or hardware, we are here to help. We wish all the men and women at Camp Swift good health!

Image Credits: U.S. Army National Guard photo by Staff Sgt. Michael Giles

Privacy Curtain for Mobile Health Clinics

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Mobile health centers can be found across the country delivering needed health care, annual screenings, COVID-19 screenings, and even allowing people to donate blood. The sizes and styles of these vehicles range from large motorhome / bus sized vehicles to smaller shuttle sizes. The interior of these vehicles also differ from each other depending on the service they provide, but all have a similar mission: to help people.

Image: Greater Seacoast Community Health

As health organizations venture into cities and neighborhoods to deliver care, their mobile health centers must first be properly equipped and part of that means providing privacy for every single patient. Using curtain tracks and curtains helps these providers achieve this critical need. The first step is to ensure the windows are properly covered. A Curtain-Tracks customer recently made some upgrades to her RV by adding Curtain Track 3110-4 to the window frame and mounting it with 2-sided foam tape. The 3110-4 track is made of PVC plastic and is not only flexible, it is also non-corrosive, and rust free. She then added 3042 glides sewn onto the curtain and 3032 end caps.

When it comes to adding privacy curtains to your mobile health clinic, you have many choices. Our privacy curtains combine safety, style, ease of use and care, as well as affordability. Depending on your specific needs, they can be made with or without the mesh at the top and are typically sewn with rust proof nickel plated brass grommets on 6 inch centers across the header. Our Privacy Curtains are constructed in any height and come in incremental widths of 18 inches. In addition to privacy curtains, we can provide your organization with the appropriate curtain tracks, hardware and accessories.

We know every vehicle is different which is why our friendly customer service team is ready to help. Our team can help you create the perfect solution and walk you through not only the ordering process, but also help guide you during installation.

To all health care providers, thank you for the sacrifices you make each and every day, especially during this pandemic. We thank you for your dedication and commitment to helping others.

On The Road During COVID-19

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For many, vacation plans were put on hold this year. Cruises, flights to exciting places and even week-long stays in a hotel to visit a different part of the country were cancelled or postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19. The impact on the travel industry has been devastating. According to ustravel.org and a forecast prepared for the U.S. Travel Association by Tourism Economics (both domestic and international), through the end of 2020, the report estimates $505 billion in losses for the travel industry for a total of $81 billion in lost federal, state and local taxes by the end of 2020. The travel industry is not expected to recover until 2024.” With that being said, Americans are getting creative with their vacation plans by planning day trips, staycations, and even camping more, whether in a tent or an RV.


RV camping has increased in popularity in 2020 because it allows families to get away yet socially distance from others. The benefits of RV camping abound! Most vehicles include a kitchen, a toilet and shower, and of course, air conditioning. Families can go out hiking for the day but come back to their RV, shower and relax with the AC blasting. At Curtain-Tracks, we have seen an increase in RV owners wanting to upgrade their home on wheels and one of the most common projects we help with are custom curtains.


Every RV is different, especially when it comes to windows. Adding custom curtains not only personalizes your home away from home, it ensures the curtains will fit correctly. Recently, a Curtain-Tracks customer added custom curtains to his RV. He chose the Shadow Cube fabric in Oatmeal and had them made to perfectly fit his windows. He had 3089 tailslide tape sewn across the top and Velcro tabs added on the right front side, the center and bottom. He then added custom tiebacks with Velcro. After he received his brand-new curtains, he contacted the Curtain-Tracks team.

“We just installed the curtains in the RV. They fit perfectly and the color is just right too. Even the backside liner color works well for us. This is a very professional addition to our RV. I have attached some pictures to show you how they look. I will be showing these curtains off and will give your contact information to those interested. Thanks very much for your help.”

-Jim R.


Nothing makes us happier than having our customers contact us after they have completed a successful project. If you have an RV, motorhome or boat, and need custom curtains, curtain tracks or hardware, we are more than happy to hep you as well!

Finding The Best Curtain Tracks

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This may not be an official number, but it is said that the average person is estimated to encounter between 6,000 to 10,000 ads every single day. This can be through social media, podcasts or radio, television, YouTube, print ads, billboards, or just surfing the web. That's a lot of ads! With so many ads out there threatening to steal our attention and ultimately our dollars, when it comes to making a purchase, how do we know we are actually working with a reputable company?

Take for example, when you search for something online. You will notice all sorts of companies pop up. Some pay to show up at the top of your search engine and others provide valuable content and will be located on the top half of the page during your search. Now, when you are done with your search, how many ads do you see for that same product, or one just like it, showing up on the sides of other websites or on social media. Creepy how the ads seem to follow you around, right?

But how do you know who you can trust before you purchase? We would love to tell you about us and earn your trust.

Curtain-Tracks has been in business for nearly 15 years. We are a WBENC certified woman-owned business and we specialize in curtain tracks, accessories and curtains. It's what we do. It's our name! We are located in Texas and you can call us and actually speak with someone who will answer your questions and take you through the ordering process. Questions about your order? Our team is here to help. Questions about installation, Yep, they can help. We pride ourselves on providing the very best customer service and want every single customer we work with to be happy with their purchase. In fact, we even have several fabulous testimonials!

We just installed the curtains in the RV. They fit perfectly and the color is just right too. I will be showing these curtains off and will give your contact information to those interested.

Thanks very much for your help.

Jim R.

I had 3 offers in 2 days of showings and just accepted one above asking price. In part thanks to your awesome curtains!

Michael V.

We also want to be a source of inspiration for your next project. We offer articles on a wide variety of topics on our blog including creating a media room or extra storage space, using curtains for closets, adding curtain tracks to tall windows or sliding glass doors... the topics go on and on. You can also find us on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram!

So when you are looking for curtain tracks or accessories and are bombarded with all sorts of ads, we invite you to type in www.curtain-tracks.com. We think you will like what you find!

Ever Tried Using Drop Chains

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If you have ever visited a hospital emergency room, nursing home or clinic, you may have noticed privacy cubicle curtains around an adjustable bed. Oftentimes, these curtains have drop chains at the top that connect the curtain to the curtain track. Drop chains can replace the mesh at the top of the curtains and both (drop chains and mesh) meet fire code requirements by providing clearance for sprinkler systems in the event of a fire. The 7185 Beaded Chain Curtain Drop With Hook is a nickel plated brass chain and eyelet with stainless steel hook. The beauty of this chain is it will not rust or corrode. It is available in 12', 16.5', and 28.5' lengths and also has removable eyelets that allow it to be cut to custom lengths.


Curtain-Tracks.com has everything you need for your privacy cubicle curtain project including connectors, eyelets, and stainless steel curtain hooks. The 7187 Beaded Chain Connector is a nickel plated 7-inch Beaded Chain Connector with Eyelets and allows spacing of carriers when the curtains are closed. This chain connector is recommended for curtains that require a drop of 16" or more. The 7183 Beaded Chain Eyelet Connector is used to connect the beaded chain (ball chain) to hooks, screws, bolt, or rivet and the 7142 Steel Curtain Hook easily attached to Curtain-Track carriers with a ring to allow for curtains with holes or grommets.


You may notice drop chains in a hospital but they can also be used in non-medical settings to bridge the gap between a curtain and the curtain track that may be mounted higher than the height of the curtain. Oftentimes, they are used in a shower or around a claw foot tub in a bathroom with high ceilings. If this is the case for your project, Curtain-Tracks not only has drop chains in common lengths, we can also customize the length to meet your specific needs.

Unused Living or Dining Room? Try These Design Ideas

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We often hear of the "Open Floor Plan" that is ideal for socialization and entertaining. In fact, most new builds offer an open concept that includes a "Great Room" and large kitchen and eating space. This open concept fad has led many homeowners who reside in an older home to look at renovating their interior space by taking down walls. But according to Bloomberg News, "If closed floor plans are considered such a nuisance these days, why did they prevail for almost 100 years in single-family working- and middle-class suburban housing? The answer: closed floor plans make a lot of sense, from both an environmental and a living perspective." If you are a homeowner who loves their closed floor plan but find it a challenge to make use of an extra room or two, these ideas just may help you transform the space into a room you will actually use.


Transforming an unused room into a functional space can create an entirely new feel to the house and often results in a, "Why didn't I do this sooner" mentality. A reading room can be used for just that - reading. It can house books, favorite knick-knacks, and just be a comfortable and quiet space for praying and meditating. Adding bookshelves or building built-ins that go to the ceiling will allow you plenty of space for all your favorite treasures. Find comfortable seating and turn them so they face each other. This will create a welcoming space for coffee and conversations. We love the added beams to this room from House Beautiful.


Whether you have a treadmill, Peloton bike, or love to do yoga, make use of that currently unused space in your home by converting it into a fitness room. Clear the area of any unwanted or unneeded items and paint the room a soothing color like Green Earth CW-455 or Silver Mist 1619, both by Benjamin Moore paints. If you enjoy working out to music, add a speaker system or use a bluetooth speaker. Add some curtains on a ceiling or wall mount curtain track so the neighbors can't watch you sweat, and then you are ready to burn some calories!


You read that right. If your dining room isn't being used and you think the square footage would be better suited as a bar, then go for it! We love this dining room conversion into a bar from Chateau Kitchens on Twitter. For this project, they removed the carpet, chair railing and furniture, and replaced the flooring, added a seating area and a fantastic bar. They also removed the door and opened up the room to the kitchen making this space extra inviting. Cheers!


If you have a room in your house that just isn't getting the use you would like, transform it! Making simple changes can make a big difference.