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Finding The Best Curtain Tracks

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This may not be an official number, but it is said that the average person is estimated to encounter between 6,000 to 10,000 ads every single day. This can be through social media, podcasts or radio, television, YouTube, print ads, billboards, or just surfing the web. That's a lot of ads! With so many ads out there threatening to steal our attention and ultimately our dollars, when it comes to making a purchase, how do we know we are actually working with a reputable company?

Take for example, when you search for something online. You will notice all sorts of companies pop up. Some pay to show up at the top of your search engine and others provide valuable content and will be located on the top half of the page during your search. Now, when you are done with your search, how many ads do you see for that same product, or one just like it, showing up on the sides of other websites or on social media. Creepy how the ads seem to follow you around, right?

But how do you know who you can trust before you purchase? We would love to tell you about us and earn your trust.

Curtain-Tracks has been in business for nearly 15 years. We are a WBENC certified woman-owned business and we specialize in curtain tracks, accessories and curtains. It's what we do. It's our name! We are located in Texas and you can call us and actually speak with someone who will answer your questions and take you through the ordering process. Questions about your order? Our team is here to help. Questions about installation, Yep, they can help. We pride ourselves on providing the very best customer service and want every single customer we work with to be happy with their purchase. In fact, we even have several fabulous testimonials!

We just installed the curtains in the RV. They fit perfectly and the color is just right too. I will be showing these curtains off and will give your contact information to those interested.

Thanks very much for your help.

Jim R.

I had 3 offers in 2 days of showings and just accepted one above asking price. In part thanks to your awesome curtains!

Michael V.

We also want to be a source of inspiration for your next project. We offer articles on a wide variety of topics on our blog including creating a media room or extra storage space, using curtains for closets, adding curtain tracks to tall windows or sliding glass doors... the topics go on and on. You can also find us on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram!

So when you are looking for curtain tracks or accessories and are bombarded with all sorts of ads, we invite you to type in www.curtain-tracks.com. We think you will like what you find!

Ever Tried Using Drop Chains

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If you have ever visited a hospital emergency room, nursing home or clinic, you may have noticed privacy cubicle curtains around an adjustable bed. Oftentimes, these curtains have drop chains at the top that connect the curtain to the curtain track. Drop chains can replace the mesh at the top of the curtains and both (drop chains and mesh) meet fire code requirements by providing clearance for sprinkler systems in the event of a fire. The 7185 Beaded Chain Curtain Drop With Hook is a nickel plated brass chain and eyelet with stainless steel hook. The beauty of this chain is it will not rust or corrode. It is available in 12', 16.5', and 28.5' lengths and also has removable eyelets that allow it to be cut to custom lengths.


Curtain-Tracks.com has everything you need for your privacy cubicle curtain project including connectors, eyelets, and stainless steel curtain hooks. The 7187 Beaded Chain Connector is a nickel plated 7-inch Beaded Chain Connector with Eyelets and allows spacing of carriers when the curtains are closed. This chain connector is recommended for curtains that require a drop of 16" or more. The 7183 Beaded Chain Eyelet Connector is used to connect the beaded chain (ball chain) to hooks, screws, bolt, or rivet and the 7142 Steel Curtain Hook easily attached to Curtain-Track carriers with a ring to allow for curtains with holes or grommets.


You may notice drop chains in a hospital but they can also be used in non-medical settings to bridge the gap between a curtain and the curtain track that may be mounted higher than the height of the curtain. Oftentimes, they are used in a shower or around a claw foot tub in a bathroom with high ceilings. If this is the case for your project, Curtain-Tracks not only has drop chains in common lengths, we can also customize the length to meet your specific needs.

Unused Living or Dining Room? Try These Design Ideas

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We often hear of the "Open Floor Plan" that is ideal for socialization and entertaining. In fact, most new builds offer an open concept that includes a "Great Room" and large kitchen and eating space. This open concept fad has led many homeowners who reside in an older home to look at renovating their interior space by taking down walls. But according to Bloomberg News, "If closed floor plans are considered such a nuisance these days, why did they prevail for almost 100 years in single-family working- and middle-class suburban housing? The answer: closed floor plans make a lot of sense, from both an environmental and a living perspective." If you are a homeowner who loves their closed floor plan but find it a challenge to make use of an extra room or two, these ideas just may help you transform the space into a room you will actually use.


Transforming an unused room into a functional space can create an entirely new feel to the house and often results in a, "Why didn't I do this sooner" mentality. A reading room can be used for just that - reading. It can house books, favorite knick-knacks, and just be a comfortable and quiet space for praying and meditating. Adding bookshelves or building built-ins that go to the ceiling will allow you plenty of space for all your favorite treasures. Find comfortable seating and turn them so they face each other. This will create a welcoming space for coffee and conversations. We love the added beams to this room from House Beautiful.


Whether you have a treadmill, Peloton bike, or love to do yoga, make use of that currently unused space in your home by converting it into a fitness room. Clear the area of any unwanted or unneeded items and paint the room a soothing color like Green Earth CW-455 or Silver Mist 1619, both by Benjamin Moore paints. If you enjoy working out to music, add a speaker system or use a bluetooth speaker. Add some curtains on a ceiling or wall mount curtain track so the neighbors can't watch you sweat, and then you are ready to burn some calories!


You read that right. If your dining room isn't being used and you think the square footage would be better suited as a bar, then go for it! We love this dining room conversion into a bar from Chateau Kitchens on Twitter. For this project, they removed the carpet, chair railing and furniture, and replaced the flooring, added a seating area and a fantastic bar. They also removed the door and opened up the room to the kitchen making this space extra inviting. Cheers!


If you have a room in your house that just isn't getting the use you would like, transform it! Making simple changes can make a big difference.

Customer Project: Curtain Tracks on a Pergola

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As it turns out, 2020 is the year spent at home. Hunkering down and taking precautions means more families are spending time outside. If you are spending hours and hours in the great outdoors, you may as well make the most of your outdoor space. That's just what one Curtain-Tracks customer from Centreville, MD, decided to do with her patio and the result is fantastic! This family already had a beautifully built pergola but they decided to enhance the look by adding a few different products from Curtain-Tracks, including the 3120 Heavy Duty Curtain Track in Silver, 7127 Stainless Steel End Stops, 7140 Large Double Wheel Carrier and 7142 Stainless Steel Curtain Hooks.


The pergola was already white so they simply painted their 3120 Heavy Duty Curtain Track white to match. This track is made of anodized aluminum and has thicker top wall for added support. Perfect when using on tall ceilings or pergola! This is a 12 foot track but is cut to 8 feet and 4 feet, or two 6 foot sections for shipping. They also used the 7127 End Stops. End Stops are used to close the ends of the tracks so the carriers don't slip off. They also have another use: you can use two end stops to hold a curtain carrier in place by pinning the carrier between the end stops. Doing this will keep a curtain closed at one end. Genius!


Once the track was installed, this customer added blue and white striped curtains that can be pulled closed for privacy but can also protect against the elements, like wind and afternoon sun. The curtains look fantastic with the landscaping and create a finished look to the patio. This patio looks so inviting, we just want to sidle up to that bar!

Whether you are looking to add curtains to your pergola, screened in room or front porch, the Curtain-Tracks team is here to help bring your vision to reality. If you have completed a project using some of our products, we would love to see your pictures. We just might share them on social media and our blog. You can send your project pictures to: info@curtain-tracks.com.

Enjoy the summer and stay well!

Curtains For Your Food Truck

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Food trucks have increasingly grown in popularity over the past few years, and why wouldn't they? Food being cooked in a mobile vehicle - how cool is that?! A "Food Truck" can be almost any kind of vehicle: a trailer, school bus, shuttle bus, or just a plain ol' truck. The inside of food trucks can also vary from owner to owner and often depend on the type of cuisine that is being served up. However, most have a refrigerator and a stove and the rest of the truck is packed with boxes of non perishable food and serving items. All of that extra, but necessary, stuff, can be cumbersome and get in the way and if a food truck has a lot of windows, guests can see the disarray of these items and as the old saying goes, perception is reality. If a food truck looks unorganized, cluttered and basically unkempt, the perception could be that it isn't sanitary and who wants to order food from a place like that? Food trucks owners - you can relax. There is a solution - cover those windows!


Curtain-Tracks can create custom curtains for your vehicle, no mater the make or model. Customers can choose from a variety of custom fabrics and materials (to match or coordinate with your brand) and that will work perfectly for window curtains, divider curtains, and even windshield wrap around curtains. These customized curtains have many awesome features including:

  • Superior Stain and Odor Release Properties
  • Machine washable or Dry Clean
  • 100% flame retardant. Meets NFPA 701, MSVSS-302 standards


Not only can we help you with custom curtains for your vehicle, we have everything else you need, including: curtain tracks, end stops and carriers. We even have EasyKlip Tarp and Banner Clips to help you advertise your business! Ready to get started? You can give us a call at 888-465-0274 or simply start by filling out this form on our website.

Ready To Update Your RV? Consider New Curtains!

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With some states implementing out of state travel restrictions this summer due to COVID-19, families are getting creative with their vacation plans in an effort to avoid hotels, planes, and other public places. They are purchasing RVs. In fact, in a recent Business Insider article, it stated that the RV Industry Association found that a survey revealed that 20% of US residents have become more interested in RV travel over air travel, tent camping, cruises and even rental stays. "According to a study conducted by Kampgrounds of America (KOA), which runs a series of privately owned campgrounds, 34% of prospective US and Canada-based campers say that road trips will be the safest form of travel when stay-at-home orders have been lifted. This increasing interest in road trips may also lead to 46 million Americans will take an RV trip in the next year, according to the RV Industry Association."

Not everyone is buying a brand-new RV though. Purchasing a used RV can bring just as much joy as a new one but at a lesser cost. For those who have purchased a used RV, there are ways to upgrade this new home on wheels to truly make it yours. We suggest starting with the windows. Whether you are looking to replace the windshield wraparound curtains, window curtains, divider and bunk curtains or even shower curtains, Curtain-Tracks can supply custom-sized RV curtains to fit any vehicle including recreation vehicles (RV), campers and motorhomes. We know that no two vehicles are exactly alike which is why having curtains custom made will ensure the perfect fit. Not only will your new custom curtain fit impeccably, we offer flame retardant fabrics which meet FMVSS 302 standards as well as lining materials for improved blackout and insulation purposes. So they look great, are safe and super functional!

Curtains aside, you may also want to update your curtain tracks and hardware. C-T customer Lila T. recently updated her RV. She used Track 3110-4 and mounted it to the window frame with 2-sided foam tape. This track is made of PVC plastic and is flexible, non-corrosive, and rust free. She then added 3042 glides sewn to the curtain and 3032 end caps. The end result is a refreshed look to her home on the road.

If you are planning on hitting the open road in 2020 and want to update the look inside your RV, Curtain-Tracks is here to help! Contact us to learn more about custom curtains, shower curtains, curtain tracks and hardware. Have a fantastic time socially distancing in your RV but don't forget the interior updates!

Modern Media Rooms

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The term modern is often used when referring to a design style with clean lines. Modern design style also has a simple color palette and oftentimes incorporates materials such as metal, steel and glass. For those who love this style, they enjoy simplicity and often embrace a "less is more" mentality. According to House Beautiful, "White, beiges, and even some shades of black are the main color palette for modern design, but it can incorporate color as an accent, so long as it leans towards earthy. Also, "Modern design favors open-concept floor plans."

Creating a media room in a home with this design style can be done. We suggest mounting the television on the wall and hiding any cords to create a clean look. Although modern design encourages natural light, it is still possible to add window treatments that are neutral and simple. After all, a true media room is only complete when you can darken the room!

When it comes to adding curtains, a homeowner with modern interior design would embrace a ceiling mount curtain track over a curtain rod. Curtain rods often have finials that are intended to draw attention and stand out while a ceiling mount curtain track, like the 32124 Low Profile Ceiling Mount Curtain Track is much less obvious. The 32124 track has a low profile. Mounting brackets are not required and this track can be mounted end to end with additional tracks if a longer length is needed. This is an aluminum curtain track with silver satin finish and is intended for lower ceilings which many modern homes have. If your home has higher ceilings, we recommend 6200 Heavy Duty I-Beam Track. This track can be ceiling or wall mounted and is available in 8 foot length plus 4 foot length or two 6 foot pieces (12 feet total). It is a silver mill finished aluminum curtain track featuring an I Beam Configuration.

These are just two tracks that would work for a project like this. We have many more to choose from and our customer service team is happy to help you make the perfect decision. You can create a media room and still maintain a modern design. It can be done!

Here For You

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Sometimes, having such a large selection can be confusing to our customers which is why we have an outstanding customer service team who is available to talk with you about your project. Whether you need assistance selecting the best curtain track and drapery hardware, or need guidance and helpful tips during installation, we are here to make sure our customers are completely satisfied. Our team is available by phone (888) 434-7444 Monday-Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 am and Saturday-Sunday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm Eastern time. We are also available by email. Simply send us your questions and we will get back to you quickly with a response.


Curtain-Tracks.com is a WBENC certified woman-owned business and we are eager to supply companies that place a priority on leveraging a diverse supplier base. We also depend on our satisfied customers to help attract new business. If you are pleased with C-T products and the service you received, we would appreciate it if you would let others know. The biggest compliment we can receive is the recommendation of a happy client.


We know you have many choices in where you choose to shop. The entire team at Curtain-Tracks greatly appreciates your business.

Privacy Around A Pool

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Pool owners, have you ever had a B-B-Q and pool party and you didn’t invite your next-door neighbors, yet they can see all of the fun happening right there in your backyard? Awkward… Sometimes neighbors can seem just a little too close. For times like these when you are looking for a bit of privacy around your pool, we have a solution. Read on to learn more!


A previous blog article on this very topic was so popular, we wanted to revisit it. Jennifer W., a Curtain-Tracks customer, was super creative in her backyard when she wanted to create some privacy around her pool. She added the 42124 Ceiling Mount Curtain Track along the frame of her lanai, along with snap tape and snap carriers and weather proof curtains. This is an aluminum curtain track, available in silver or black, can be mounted end to end for longer lengths, and is compatible with 3 different carriers: 7120 Single Snap Carrier (used with 3090 snap tape), 7122 Button Carrier with Stainless Hook, and 7124 Button Carrier and the 7127 end stop.


When Jennifer has the curtains open and pulled back to the side, the curtains create a welcoming, homey look to the lanai and pool area. But when she pulls them closed, they create a veil of privacy around the entire pool. Not only that, when the curtains are pulled closed, they also help contain sound. So, if there is a pool party with lots of kids having a great time, the squeals of laughter will be somewhat contained and the next-door neighbors can’t peer in to see who is at the party. This same concept of adding curtains outside can also be applied to a pergola or outdoor porch.


This summer enjoy some privacy in your backyard, in your pool, or on your porch, by adding curtain tracks and curtains!

Adding Curtains To Your Sunroom Or Screened In Porch

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We couldn’t be happier to have summer right around the corner. That means more sunshine and warmer days! We all know that sun exposure can increase the brain’s release of serotonin and boosts your mood, but with the sun comes heat and by July and August, if you are sitting in a sunroom or screened in porch, that heat can be unbearable. We have a solution that will allow you to enjoy these spaces while still being comfortable. Curtains!


Adding curtains to your sunroom or screened in porch is a cost-effective way to help regulate the temperature by keeping your space warmer on a brisk day and cooler on a hot day. Curtains can also help block rain and wind, but above all, curtains look great and allow privacy when closed.

If you are looking for a simple decorative look with minimal coverage, consider adding sheer curtain panels. Tie them back when not in use or allow them to gently flow in the breeze. For more functional curtains to help conserve energy and protect against the weather, consider a sturdy outdoor fabric for your curtains.


The 42124 Ceiling Mount Curtain Track is an aluminum track that can be mounted end to end for longer lengths. This track works well with 7120 Single Snap Carrier with 3091 snap tape sewn on top of the curtain, 7122 Button Carrier with Stainless Hook, and the 7124 Button Carrier, with pinch pleated curtains, and sturdy 7127 end stops. Another option is the 3118 Aluminum Ceiling Mount Curtain Track, the 3120 Extra Heavy Duty Curtain Track and the 84004 Ball Bearing Carrier Curtain Track – Ceiling Mount.


We understand there are many options to choose from and our team is here to help you make the best purchase for your project. We also will make sure you don’t forget any of the necessary hardware and accessories. Let us help you enjoy your sunroom or screened in porch this summer! 1 (888) 434-7444.