3 Creative Uses For Curtain Tracks


3 Creative Uses For Curtain Tracks


At Curtain-Tracks.com we like to think of ourselves as problem solvers. The combination of our curtain tracks, drapery hardware, and experience allows us to solve simple problems, like how to dress a standard window, to more complex ones, like how to get some privacy in a dorm room. Even so, our customers always manage to surprise us with a new way to use our products. We applaud their creative uses of curtain tracks for solving practical problems. Here are a few examples:


1. Use a curtain track to hang your art

We have had several customers use our tracks to hang artwork, and the result is always stunning. Typically, these customers install a ceiling or wall-mounted track outfitted with carriers, chains of various lengths, and pin hooks. This system works well for valuable masterpieces, or your (even more valuable) child’s finger-paintings.    




2. Use a curtain track to display your achievements

Are you an avid marathoner, or are your child’s sports medals stacking up to dangerous levels on his/her bedpost? You can use a similar system to the one described above to hang medals and ribbons. A wall-mounted track with drapery hardware such as a clip or a carrier with a hook is the best way to approach this application.


3. Use a curtain track to keep up your game.

One of the best creative uses for curtain tracks we have ever seen is hanging a net in a garage for the purpose of practicing one’s golf swing. This is a brilliant idea as it allows one to practice indoors when it’s cold outside, and store the net off to the side when not in use. We imagine this would also be helpful for punters and soccer players. A ceiling mounted track is the way to go for this application.



Have you come up with a creative use for curtain tracks? We would love to hear about it (and see it)! Send us photos and a brief description of what you did at info@curtain-tracks.com.






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