3 Ways To Improve Your Living Space With Curtains In Lofts


3 Ways To Improve Your Living Space With Curtains In Lofts


There is no doubt that loft apartments are the coolest kid on the block when it comes to living spaces. No matter what the decade these abodes are always considered chic and modern, and are heavily sought after. Those vaulted ceilings and huge windows create an open, airy, inviting space that is like a siren call to artists and other creative types. However, there are some drawbacks to loft-living. Here we list a few of them, and how having curtains in lofts can solve them.


  1. All those windows. We love a great view as much as the next guy, but sometimes, all those big windows are too much (like on Saturday morning after a night on the town). Floor-to-ceiling curtains in front of those large windows are your friend when you are trying to sleep in, or when you are trying to keep your heating and cooling bills down (a perennial problem with lofts). A standard rod would not be sufficient for this task (click here to find out why), but our Extra Heavy Duty Curtain Track can handle the job, and, no matter what the size of your apartment, can be spliced together into one long track, allowing a smooth transition from curtains open to curtains closed.
  2. All that space. Privacy is in short supply in loft apartments. Most loft-dwellers live alone and/or entertain a lot, but if you want to have a private space of your own and be able to entertain through the whole apartment, creating virtual, temporary walls with curtains is the best solution. Any of our ceiling-mounted tracks will do the trick, and getting creative here can add a striking visual to the space. Floor to ceiling curtains on a vaulted ceiling always make an impact.
  3. Lack of storage. Most lofts come with a decided lack of closets, and there is nothing that will take away a simple, modern decorating vibe more quickly than a wall full of stuffed bins and overflowing shelves. A quick and easy clean-up option? Hide the storage area with a floor-to-ceiling curtain.

Have you improved your living space with curtains in lofts? We would love to see it. Send us your photos at info@curtain-tracks.com.


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