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3120 Curtain Track Being Installed in Upscale Hotel

3120 Curtain Track Being Installed in Upscale Hotel
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When the architects designing Vikram Chatwal's Dream Downtown Hotel (their website, like the hotel, is under construction) needed to identify a curtain track system that would provide both the functionality and style they envisioned for the shower curtains in the guest rooms, they turned to the RECMAR 3120 track.  The 7140 wheeled carriers combined with the stainless steel 7142 J Hooks and sleek style of the track offered the perfect solution.

Dream Hotel Using 3120 Shower Curtain Tracks

The porthole exterior design is the new hotel is quite interesting, so we really look forward to seeing the interior design as well.  It should also be great to see these shower curtain tracks installed in every room of this exciting, new,  upscale hotel.  As shown below, the bathrooms in other Dream Hotels provide a captivating appearance, and we expect nothing less from the latest offering.

hotel bathroom design

How do you think this track would look used as a shower curtain track in your bathroom???  If it's good enough for Vikram Chatwal, isn't it good enough for you?  Indulge.

Shower Curtain Track