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Using a Flexible Curtain Track for Your Bay Window

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Two Thumbs Up for Home Theatre Curtains

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Need Inspiration? Visit Our Gallery

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You already know that you want a new look for your business or home, but where do you start? There are many ways that curtains and tracks can enhance your space and make it more productive. If you are stumped for ideas of what to do or how to use your curtains or tracks, check out our gallery. There, you will find ideas for the home, workspace, school, sports and for RVs, buses or boats.

The Two Faces of Snap Tape

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You cannot have curtains that pop without a little snap – snap tape, that is. Snap tape has two sides, which must be considered before you decide to use this for hanging your curtains.

A Mount-ainous Task

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Do you ever feel like installing curtain tracks is a mountainous task? Well, in some ways, it is. This is because the track must be mounted to the wall or ceiling. If you have rudimentary do-it-yourself skills, you can mount the track where it needs to go, but not everything you need can be found from our online catalog.

Want Free Stuff?

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Who doesn't like free stuff? Believe it or not, you can get a free gift from us when you place an order. Not only is the free gift you get with your minimum order free, but it is also extremely useful when it comes time to install the curtain tracks you ordered.

Give Us a Hand

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Some of our customers have wondered why we don't sell cord-drawn curtains? Hand-drawn curtains have many advantages over cord-drawn, especially for the uses our customers have for the curtain tracks they order from us. Check out the many reasons that make hand-drawn such a popular option for curtains.

Bathroom Style With Curtains Beyond the Shower

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shower curtain Shower curtains are just one way to use curtain in a bathroom

Keep Out

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Did you ever make a clubhouse when you were a kid? Maybe it was behind a stack of sofa cushions, inside a tree house or under a snow fort, but the greatest thing about it was that it was your own personal space that no one could intrude upon. Today, even as adults, we need privacy, especially in certain situations. How can you get privacy in open spaces? Privacy curtains.

Ship Shape

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So you have just ordered something from our website? Now your next question is how long will it take to get to your home or business. The answer depends on how much the initial shipping charges were, where you live and whether you opt for faster shipping options.