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No Shipping on July 5th

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In order to allow all of our employees to honor America and observe Independence Day, no Curtain-Tracks.com orders will be shipped on Monday, July 5th.  Shipping will resume on July 6th.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause our customers, but we feel this is an important holiday and worthy of celebration.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.  Enjoy the holiday weekend!

New Privacy Cubicle End Stop Now Offered

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For those customers who have expressed an interest in a metal end stop that is compatible with the 88001 privacy cubicle tracks, also know as hospital tracks, we are pleased to introduce the 88136 Metal End Stop.  This end stop, with its metallic silver finish, provides an alternative to the off-white plastic 88132 End Cap with Removable Gate that has been offered on Curtain-Tracks.com for quite some time.

3050 Eye Slide Compatible with IKEA Kvartal Curtain Track

By Curtain-Tracks 8 years ago 6314 Views 2 comments

Our customers are constantly looking for various replacement drapery hardware (particularly carriers, glides, rollers and sliders) to fits in existing tracks when parts are broken or misplaced.  Recently, Cynthia W.  in Austin, Texas was kind enough to let us know that the 3050 Eye Slide works well with the IKEA Kvartal curtain tracks.  She had been searching for replacement glides to work with this track system for some time, as IKEA apparently no longer offers the Kvartal curtain track or replacement parts.

New Curtain Carriers for Classic and Vintage RVs, Campers and Trailers

By Curtain-Tracks 8 years ago 1419 Views 2 comments

We are happy to announce the addition of two new curtain carriers.  These glides have been commonly used by RV, travel trailer, and camper manufacturers for many years.  As we have had customers asking where to locate them to replace the missing or broken parts in their vehicles, we located sourced them and will now offer them through the Curtain-Tracks.com site.

Bending I Beam Curtain Track

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One of the great benefits of the RECMAR 4108 I-Beam curtain track (also used in the 4372 Deluxe Shower Curtain Track Kit) is that it can be bent into angles or arcs by hand without the need for any special tools, equipment, or inserts.  This track can be bent to a 90 degree angle while requiring only a 2 inch bend radius.

Measuring Guidelines for Privacy Cubicle Curtains

By Curtain-Tracks 8 years ago 5049 Views 1 comment

There are several important considerations when ordering Privacy Cubicle Curtains, also commonly referred to as Hospital Curtains, and we would like to highlight these for your reference.

Man Cave Crew TV Premier to Feature Curtain-Tracks.com Curtains & Track

By Curtain-Tracks 8 years ago 1499 Views 1 comment

Curtain-Tracks.com is pleased to announce that our privacy cubicle tracks and privacy cubicle curtains will be featured in the first two episodes of the new television show The Man Cave Crew.  We entered into the product supplier agreement with the producers in hopes that their presentation of the our curtains and tracks will help attract new customers and inspire existing customers by demonstrating creative ways to leverage the drapery hardware offered via our online store.

Carving Out a Man Cave

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Every man deserves his own Man Cave!  That one spot in the house that is all his, where there are no flower arrangements, decorative pillows, or doilies.  A room where bigger is better when it comes to flat screen TVs and stereo speakers.  An oasis where neon signs and auto parts store calendars qualify as artwork and your favorite team’s uniform sets your color palette.  This bunker serves to grant you a reprieve from your day to day responsibilities, where sports and cars, music and the great outdoors are the topics of choice while chicken wings and pizza are common fare.  And it serves as a haven to your foosball or air hockey table, pinball machine, or beer can collection, since these are crown jewels in a man cave yet not welcomed in any other room in the house.

Who Says Drapery Hardware Isn’t Sexy?

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Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha soon revisit the big screen with the upcoming release of Sex and the City 2 on May 27, 2010.  It may interest our customers to know that Curtain-Tracks.com played a small part in the making of this new movie.  A production company involved with the movie purchased curtain track from Curtain-Tracks.com and were kind enough to let us know that the drapery hardware would be used on the set.   We aren’t sure where it will turn up, but we will certainly watch with a keen eye to see if we can spot it.

New Feature - Send Quote Via Email

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We are excited to announce the addition of this new capability to the Curtain-Tracks.com site.  With the click of a button, a customer can now send themselves a quote that includes all items displayed in the shopping cart.  Simply fill in your first and last name and email address into the appropriate fields, and add a personal message if you'd like.  Then click the "Email Quote" button.