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Customer Testimonial - Curved Shower Curtain Track

By Curtain-Tracks 8 years ago 2304 Views 1 comment

We have the opportunity to speak with customers located across the US every day, helping them to select the right curtain track system to meet their needs.  It is always great to hear back from customers after their project is complete.  Sometimes the feedback offers constructive criticism that guides us through our continuous improvement efforts.  Sometimes it is a simple thank you.  Other times customers share images and descriptions of their projects.  The entire team at Curtain-Tracks.com welcomes customer insight.

Silent Gliss Track System Replacement Parts

By Curtain-Tracks 8 years ago 3668 Views 4 comments

Earlier this year, Silent Gliss, a large global manufacturer of drapery hardware, withdrew from the US Market. With that departure, it has become very difficult for owners of these Silent Gliss systems that have been sold in the US for years to find replacement parts like carriers and end stops. These parts are readily available in the UK, but not in the United States. Curtain-Tracks.com offers a range of components that are similar to these Silent Gliss parts and compatible with the Silent Gliss tracks.

Man Card Crew Project 1 - Poker Garage

By Curtain-Tracks 8 years ago 1516 Views No comments

Curtain-Tracks.com had previously announced its affiliation with the Man Cave Crew, a new home improvement television show targeting design makeover projects designed specifically for men. Production continues and the first episode should air by the end of the year.

Curtain-Tracks.com Joins ASID as an Industry Partner

By Curtain-Tracks 8 years ago 653 Views No comments

American Society of Interior Designers Industry Partner

Floor to Ceiling Curtains For Sliding Glass Doors

By Curtain-Tracks 8 years ago 8588 Views No comments

Sliding glass doors and floor to ceiling glass walls provide spectacular views to residents lucky enough to live on a beach or lake, near mountains, or simply those with a beautiful backyard flower garden. We encounter customers every day asking for advice on what hardware they can use to hang curtains or draperies in these type applications. These type sliding glass doors and glass walls are common in condominiums, apartments, and high rises. Given the frequency of these discussions, we wanted to share a few thoughts on hardware selection and also share a few images to help inspire you.

Bunk Curtains for the Bedroom

By Curtain-Tracks 8 years ago 3654 Views No comments

As we have mentioned in past blog entries, Curtain-Tracks.com offers bunk curtains that are often used in ships and on oil rigs to provide privacy in the berths. But bunk curtains are certainly not limited to these commercial applications. Whether you may be trying to provide some privacy in bedrooms shared by siblings, or perhaps in a beach house or ski chalet where there are multiple bunks in guest rooms to provide greater sleeping capacity, bunk curtains may be just what you need.

Uncorded Curtain Tracks

By Curtain-Tracks 8 years ago 1710 Views No comments

You may have noticed that all of the curtain tracks offered through Curtain-Tracks.com are uncorded.  This means there are no cords or strings used to draw the curtain open or closed.  We have found there a several compelling reasons to avoid the corded curtain tracks and we wanted to share our opinion with our customers.

Replacing Interior Doors With Curtains

By Curtain-Tracks 8 years ago 8391 Views 3 comments

Thumb through any design magazine and you often see articles focused on room makeovers, budget redesigns, and do it yourself projects aimed to enhance the beauty of a room.  In doing just that and reviewing the Fall 2010 issue of Do It Yourself Magazine, a Better Homes and  Gardens publication, we noticed several examples where designers were using curtains instead of doors.  We wanted to share several examples with you to help inspire your "inner designer!"

Bunk Curtains In Flotels

By Curtain-Tracks 8 years ago 1206 Views 1 comment

There have been a number of mentions in the press lately regarding the use of Flotels or floating living quarters to house the workers aiding in the cleanup of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

3120 Curtain Track Being Installed in Upscale Hotel

By Curtain-Tracks 8 years ago 1318 Views No comments

When the architects designing Vikram Chatwal's Dream Downtown Hotel (their website, like the hotel, is under construction) needed to identify a curtain track system that would provide both the functionality and style they envisioned for the shower curtains in the guest rooms, they turned to the RECMAR 3120 track.  The 7140 wheeled carriers combined with the stainless steel 7142 J Hooks and sleek style of the track offered the perfect solution.