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Divider Curtains in Restaurants - COVID-19

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As restaurants transition from being closed or operating with “Take-Out Only” service, many owners are thinking long and hard about how best to safely open following the COVID-19 outbreak. Many are changing their operating procedures to incorporate additional sanitation efforts, incorporating personal protection equipment (PPE), and maintaining spacing to help prevent the spread of the deadly virus.

One example of some creative thinking by a restaurant owner in North Canton, Ohio is the use of transparent curtains between tables. Because the Twisted Citrus dining area is relatively small, it prevented the tables from being separated by the prescribed six feet. The restaurant owner decided to suspend working transparent vinyl curtains between each table. This allows diners to feel safely separated from other parties while not feeling confined while they ate.The vinyl curtains can be wiped down frequently and washed each evening. While they utilized a simple PVC pipe to hang these see-through curtains, a track option would provide a more refined look and improve upon this particular solution.

Photo Credit: Fox8.com

If you are considering an implementation of divider curtains in your restaurant, Curtain-Tracks.com can be your source to make that happen. We offer track systems that can be ceiling mounted or suspended from the ceiling. Drop chains can also be utilized to reduce the height of the curtains required while dealing with high ceilings in the restaurant. In addition, Curtain-Tracks.com offers commercial grade transparent vinyl curtains, as well as anti-microbial fabric curtains in a wide range of styles and colors. These are all options to help quickly deploy divider curtains in your dining area.

Our knowledgeable sales staff is at the ready to discuss your project and help you select the hardware and divider curtain combination that will best suit your needs. We all want to be safe while getting back to normal and supporting our local eateries. This may be one way to help establish trust with your clientele while increasing your immediate sales.

Updated 5/14/2020 - Subsequent articles about this concept:

Today Show Link: https://www.today.com/food/ohio-restaurant-installs-shower-curtains-between-tables-encourage-social-distancing-t181194

CNN Link: https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/11/us/coronavirus-restaurants-reopening-creative-trnd/index.html

USA Today Link: https://www.usatoday.com/story/money/2020/05/12/before-ohio-restaurants-can-reopen-may-21-one-puts-shower-curtains/3115010001/

Quotes To Motivate You To Take On That Project

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Taking on a new project like redecorating a room or even your entire home, can be daunting. But do not fear. You’ve got this! Below we share some of our favorite inspirational quotes. While they may not have been referring to interior design when they were said, we hope these quotes will motivate you as you take on that project.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” ― Neale Donald Walsh

“The most effective way to do it is to do it.” ― Amelia Earhart

“Never be limited by other people’s limited imaginations.” ― Dr. Mae Jemison

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small.” ― Richard Branson

“There’s a way to do it better. Find it.” ― Thomas Edison

“Creativity takes courage.” ― Henri Matisse

“Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there.” ― Josh Billings

“There is no innovation and creativity without failure. Period.” ― Brené Brown

“The things you regret most in life are the risks you didn't take.” ― Farhan Masood

“Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.” ― Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Should you need help with curtain track selection and design, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Curtain-Tracks team. We are with you every step of the way.

Tesla Cable Management Using Industrial Curtain Track System

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Peter envisioned a track and roller system that could be used to suspend the Tesla charger cord and moved around the perimeter of his garage to allow easy charging in two of the bays in his three car garage. One of his design steps included consulting with one of the knowledgeable reps at Curtain-Tracks.com to determine which product would best meet his needs for an “L” shaped track that included a 90 degree turn. Following the advice given, Peter opted to use the Industrial Track components to easily install and sturdy track system that would allow a trolley to easily move over the full length of the track while supporting a retractable tool balancer via a standard carrier.

Clips For Your Open For Business Banner

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For the stores, restaurants and bars across the country that are beginning to reopen after the COVID-19 shut down, there is a sense of excitement and uncertainty. Excitement for new beginnings and uncertainty about what the future will look like. As preparations take place to ensure a clean and safe environment for both customers and staff, there is also the concern of communicating your efforts to customers. Certainly there are the traditional channels such as social media, email outreach campaigns and an up-to-date website, but for brick and mortar stores, there are additional opportunities to share that your business is back open via signage.

For many communities, there are city codes and restrictions when it comes to business signage. Typically owners would not be permitted to hang a temporary banner alerting potential customers of sales, Happy Hour specials or that you are open for business unless first approved by the city council. But during these unprecedented times, many cities are relaxing these requirements and in an effort to support local businesses, are allowing temporary signage including banners, sandwich boards and window decals. In fact, some signage companies are even offering a free "Open For Business" banner for local companies.

Whether you are open for carry-out or planning a complete reopening and have new banner signage to display, Curtain-Tracks has the best clips on the market to ensure your messaging doesn't blow away. The EasyKlip Midi Tarp and Banner Clips are available in white or black and are designed to grip tarps, banners, or any fabric that requires a super-strong, long lasting hold. Midi Clips, also knows as tarp clips, are designed for heavier applications and are durable, affordable and easy to use. They have been engineered to increase the clamping pressure or grip, as the load increases and has an instant grip up to 220 lbs. Even strong winds will be no contest for these clips.

Business owners, you've got this! If the team at Curtain-Tracks can help in any way, please reach out to us at (888) 465-0274.

4 Reasons Why Curtain Tracks Are Better Than Curtain Rods

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There has long been the debate over the benefits of curtain tracks over curtain rods. In fact, we have written several articles on this very topic. Here, we will break down some of the benefits of using curtain tracks and why they have gained in popularity over recent years.


In the 80's, curtain rods were all the rage. Thick, heavy decorative rods with elaborate finials at each end. Simply add lavish curtains and your home was looking good! Since that time, window decorating trends have moved to a more simple, clean and modern look. With this shift in trends, curtain tracks have stepped up to the plate and here are some of the reasons why.


1. They are simple and create a minimalist look. Curtain tracks can blend into the wall or behind a valance leaving the focus on the curtains, not the track. The carriers can be concealed within the track which means no large curtain rings.

2. Curtain tracks allow for the super smooth opening and closing of curtains due to the curtain carriers or glides. Curtain carriers "carry" the curtains along the track with minimal resistance. There are many carriers to choose from including: two-wheel carriers, ball bearing, wheeled snap, button carriers, and more. Add a curtain wand and the opening and closing of the curtains just got even easier.

3. Newer homes often boast tall windows and covering these windows with so much curtain fabric calls for strong tracks. Curtain rods need brackets to support it while curtain tracks can be mounted directly into the ceiling or wall at regular intervals. This means no sagging of heavy curtains!

4. They are easy to install. Curtain tracks may seem intimidating to install but they really aren't! In fact, most Do-It-Yourselfers can install curtain tracks using tools such as a drill, screw driver, laser level, and miter saw. Our website offers simple instructions and resources and our customer service team is also available to walk customers through the process.

Curtain tracks allow for many options unlike curtain rods. We invite you to check out the many tracks, accessories and hardware that Curtain-Tracks has to offer. And if we can ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to call us at 888-465-0274.

Home Staging and Window Treatments

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When you put your home up for sale, there is so such to be done, including staging for potential home buyers. According to Realtor.com, “Curtains are one of the most underused resources when preparing a home for sale, experts say. The right set of curtains or drapes can make or break some home sales—especially when it comes to transforming a room into the staged version you want your buyers to see.”

One of our customers, Michael V., was putting his Arizona home on the market and wanted to make some upgrades to his windows. He worked with our friendly customer service team and ordered several products including the 85000 curtain track, both ceiling and wall mount options and available in white, silver, and black, for the windows and closets in his home. He then added floor to ceiling curtains.

Along with curtain track 85000, he also used 84106 Wheeled Snap Carrier - Corded For Ripplefold and the team at Curtain-Tracks helped Michael by doing 60% fullness ripple fold styling for this project. Curtain fullness refers to the number of ripples or folds when the curtains are pulled closed.

When staging your home, Coldwell Banker suggests, "Installing curtains and blinds as close to the ceiling as possible draws the eye up and makes the room appear bigger. Panels should skim the floor." Michael did just that in every single room and the end result is fantastic!

In one room, Michael removed the old closet doors and added curtains on the 85000 track. Viola! Closet curtains! Replacing dated closet doors and adding a stylish curtain can create a completely new, fresh look for the entire room.

As he was preparing his home to be sold, he didn't just upgrade his window treatments, he also created a new look in the bathroom by adding aluminum track 88001, which is available in 6 foot, 8 foot, 12 foot and 16 foot sections. He used 88102 Privacy Cubicle Two Wheel Carrier with Ball Chain & Hooks and added a robin's egg blue shower curtain.

Michael's efforts paid off. He recently contacted us to say, "I had 3 offers in 2 days of showings and just accepted one above asking price. In part thanks to your awesome curtains!" Thanks, Michael. You certainly created the Wow factor. We are so happy for you and wish you much happiness in your new home!

Curtain Track Kits Offer Everything You Need

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Curtain tracks have many benefits. They are easy to install and are high quality to ensure years and years of use. But there are additional accessories that accompany your high-quality curtain track and we have made it easy for our customers by offering curtain track kits. In fact, the 84004 Ceiling Mount Curtain Track Kit includes a strong 8-foot curtain track with pre-drilled mounting holes on 16-inch centers for ceiling mount applications. The 84004 Ceiling Mount Curtain Track utilizes smooth rolling ball bearing carriers and is available in silver or white. This kit includes everything you need to complete your project, including: one 8 ft track (84004), twenty-eight ball bearing carriers (2 bags - 84100), two metal end stops (84132). Tracks can be mounted end to end for wider applications, but it is critical to get them aligned during installation. Looking to add a wand kit? Check out the 84114 Kit that allows the overlapping of curtains when drawn.


We know this curtain track kit is fabulous but don’t just take it from us, take it from this Curtain-Tracks customer who says, “Used these for a 12 foot wall of windows and doors that were floor to ceiling so a curtain rod wouldn't work. These were easy to get up and what I loved is that I could slide a huge wall of curtains back to the side with ease using the wand and master carrier kit. These were used at our primary rear access door so we'd be moving them back and forth all the time. Having that smooth glide was a huge benefit in that sort of application. Going to buy some again for our patio door in our new house.”


When you are looking for curtain tracks for your next project, whether that be hanging curtains in your bedroom or over your sliding glass doors, the 84004 Ceiling Mount Curtain Track Kit may be just what you need.

COVID-19 Response - Hospital Curtains &Tracks

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As the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak widens and the number of patients being admitted to hospitals grows, medical professionals and hospital administrators are looking for emergency alternatives which provide more beds for patients during this crisis. Whether it’s leveraging empty facilities, re-purposing space within an existing hospital, or building temporary structures to serve as hospitals, many options are being implemented to best serve the public as the Coronavirus spreads.

Temporary Hospital Privacy Curtains

Distancing, quarantines and isolation have become the new normal. Medical professionals are making do with limited personal protection equipment (PPE). One technique that has long been used in hospitals to provide both privacy and a barrier between patients is the use of hospital privacy cubicle curtains. These hospital curtains are typically made of durable fabric that can easily be laundered and installed on tracks with rollers to provide easy mobility of the curtain as it is opened and closed. Often the fabrics utilized are anti-microbial to reduce the transfer of infection from one person to another via the curtains. This type hospital curtain typically has mesh headers that allow for sprinkler systems to be effective for full room coverage in the event of a fire. Hospital curtains must always be made of Fire Retardant (FR) fabric for safety purposes. Despite any rush to assemble a temporary facility, these safety attributes must always be considered.

Curtain-Tracks.com is currently seeing a significant surge in requests for hospital curtains and hospital curtain tracks to be used in these expansion efforts. We are working with our supply chain partners to ensure that these products are being availed to customers with short lead times to meet these urgent needs. Curtain-Tracks.com stocks some “Quick Ship” curtains in standard sizes that can usually be shipped immediately upon order, along with the track hardware to effectively install the curtains. Replacement inventory orders are being blended into production along with the rush orders we are processing for large quantity orders. The Curtain-Tracks.com team is available to help any medical facility or contractor that needs additional curtains and tracks.

Call our expert staff to get advice, pricing and lead times on emergency/temporary hospital privacy cubical curtains, privacy cubicle curtain track, and other related accessories. We can be reached toll free at (888) 434-7444.

Covering A Wall Of Windows

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Did you know the sun shines approximately 237 days a year in Florida? People travel from all over the world to visit the Sunshine State because they want to see the sun! Exposure to sunlight increases the brain’s release of the hormone serotonin which helps boost moods. So for those who live in states where the sun doesn't shine quite as much as we would like, a visit to the south can help. But more often than not, when in Florida, especially during the summer months, the sun brings glaring light and excessive heat.


The Florida hotel where we recently stayed was designed in a way that a.) allowed guests to enjoy the gorgeous sun, but b.) covered the windows with sheer curtains to keep the glare and heat at bay. One of the areas of the hotel where we really noticed this solution was in the common spaces; the elevator areas on each floor. One particular set of elevators was located on the west side of the building and as the sun set each night, the light was pretty intense. The hotel had a wall of floor to ceiling windows in this area because they wanted their guests to enjoy the gorgeous view, but what they did was cover the wall of windows with sheer curtains. These curtains allowed guests to still enjoy the view without shielding their eyes, but also helped to keep the heat from the afternoon sun out of the area.


This hotel used ceiling mount curtain tracks for these areas as well as wands that could easily open and close the curtains on days when it is overcast and in the evenings. It's a great solution that allows the perfect amount of natural light into the hotel. Well done, hotel interior designers!

Say Goodbye To Bi-Fold Closet Doors

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We've written several blog posts on removing closet doors. By removing the old doors to a closet, you can create more space and even update the look of the entire room. But what curtain track should you order (ceiling mount? wall mount? plastic? metal?)? For a project such as this, you have options.


C-T customer John M. used the 85000 CS Aluminum Curtain Track when he removed dated bi-fold doors on his closets. He installed sheer curtains and sent our team before and after picture of the closets. The transformation is amazing! He said, "Worked perfectly, thanks." Happy to help, John! This track is available in white, silver, or black. If you decide to go ahead with this track for your project, don't forget the end stops and carriers!


Another option is our 84003 Ceiling Mount Curtain track kit. This is a strong aluminum track that works well with smooth rolling ball bearing carriers. The track and brackets are available in silver or white. The kit has everything you need, including: one x 8 ft track (84003), twenty eight ball bearing carriers (2 bags - 84100), two metal end stops (84131), and six ceiling clips (84152). After you have selected your curtain track and added accessories, choose a curtain for your new closet door. Our website offers several options.


Should you have any questions about ho to tackle this project, and what curtain tracks and accessories you should buy, contact our team today! And when you are done with your project, we would love to see your pics!