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Industrial Strength Shower Curtains

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If you are looking for industrial strength shower curtains for your hospital, rehab facility or institution, look no further. Sure-Chek Linen vinyl is incredibly strong and made to endure service wear and abuse. Extra strength and tear resistance means these shower curtains are meant to last!


Sure-Chek® Linen is stain and odor resistant and made with antimicrobial fabric protection which means it can be wiped clean for maximum protection. Not only will they last, they look good, too! This vinyl-like fabric is designed with an attractive linen surface texture and stocked in 12 popular colors so you can find a color that works best for your institution.


When it comes to Sure-Check Linen vinyl, there are many benefits:

  • Easy-care, simply wipe down with mild soapy water
  • Flame Resistant
  • Stain Resistance
  • Most oils, greases and contaminants may be wiped off with soap, water and mild cleansers, allowing for curtains to be cleaned in place.
  • Anti-static
  • Odor Resistant – protects against odor forming bacterial growth
  • Antimicrobial (Anti-microbial) – controlled release continually sends the antimicrobial agent to the surface of the fabric. Built-in protection lasts the life of the fabric.
  • Attractive/Decorative
  • Economical – lower replacement costs, less inventory, minimal care and maintenance all contribute to the economy of the shower curtains.

Ordering is easy! Simply select the color of your choice and obtain the height and width measurements. Should you have any questions, email or call us at (888) 434-7444. We are happy to help!

Encore For Theatre Curtains!

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We have had the opportunity to work with community theatres as well as school theatre departments when it comes to stage curtains and curtain tracks. Theatre curtains tend to be very long and heavy and the thickness helps with sound absorption when the crew is moving props or the cast is gathering on stage prior to the next act. You can't just use any ol' curtain track for a project like this - you need to use a track that can withstand the demands of the theatre.


We have a wide selection of tracks that work well in this environment, but the 3120 Extra Heavy Duty Curtain Track is best equppied for this project.The 3120 track is an Extra Heavy Duty Curtain Track available in Silver or Black anodized aluminum. It has a thicker top wall for added support and cut to 8 ft and 4 ft or 6 ft and 6 ft sections for shipping (if you need 12 ft sections, give us a call for shipping information via a freight carrier). The 3120 curtain track is compatible with 7140 Double Wheel or 7146 Short Snap Carriers.


A stage isn't complete without curtains, so depending on the size of your stage, our Eclipse fabric might be the perfect fit. Eclipse curtains helps absorb sound and blocks 98% of light. It is a heavy-duty fabric available in a variety of lengths and widths so you can customize the entire look of your stage.

If you work with a theatre department that is in need of a quality curtain track to withstand the tugging and constant opening and closing of stage curtains, we can help. Our experienced customer service team can walk you through the project so the next time you open those curtains for an Encore you won't have to worry about the curtain track holding those curtains. Give us a call to find the right track, drapery hardware, and curtains for your stage: 888-434-7444.

Hit The Open Road With Curtain-Tracks

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There's nothing like updating your home, whether that home is permanently affixed to the ground or is a home on wheels. Lila T. from San Antonio, Texas freshened up the inside of her home on wheels and is ready to hit the road this summer now that her project is complete! She recently sent us photos of her completed project and the end result looks fantastic.


For her project, she used Track 3110-4 cut to length and mounted it to the window frame with 2-sided foam tape. This is a PVC plastic track and is flexible, non-corrosive, and rust free. She added 3032 end caps, and 3042 glides sewn to the curtain. To top it off, the curtain material has a black-out backing for privacy and also helps block light and absorb sound.

Lila T. used Track 84003-S cut to length and drilled holes to mount to the bottom of the shelf with flat head screws. This is a strong aluminum architectural track that accommodates smooth rolling ball bearing carriers and is available in white, silver, or black. She then used 84134 end caps, 84102 micro carrier, and 4146 pin hooks. She did all of this with two other identical windows.


Whatever your project, the friendly and knowledgeable customer service team at Curtain-Tracks is here to help you every step of the way. Lila said, “Thanks for the great products!” Thank you, Lila, for sending us pics of your finished project! It looks great!

Dividing A Loft Space

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We recently heard from a happy Curtain-Tracks customer who wanted to show us her completed loft space using some of our products. Chantell G. from New Mexico wanted to separate the bedroom from the living space in their loft. To do this, she decided to add a curtain track and curtain which would easily close off the space when needed, allowing for privacy. She used 84003 Ball Bearing Carrier Curtain Track with 84104 Wheeled Snap Carriers for her project and the result is fantastic!


The 84003 Ball Bearing Carrier Curtain Track is a strong aluminum track that accommodates smooth rolling ball bearing carriers. It can be mounted on the ceiling or wall and is available in white, silver, or black. This track is available in 8 foot sections and can be spliced together for wider spans to accommodate a variety of projects. She added the 84104 Wheeled Snap Carrier which is compatible with the 84003 and 84004 curtain track and 3091 snap tape. These affordable white snap carriers come 14/bag.


The end result – a loft that has a bedroom and living space. She said, “Your curtain tracks worked perfectly for what we had in mind. Thanks for all your help!”

Thank you, Chantell, for showing us your completed space. It looks great! We are always happy to help and love hearing from our happy customers.

You Asked - We Delivered

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Customers all over the country have long sought the 6018 and 6210 carriers. Once available through Gould New York prior to being purchased by Fleuron Enterprises, these particular carriers have been next to impossible to locate. Curtain-Tracks works hard to keep all of our customers happy not only by offering quality tracks and accessories, but replacement parts as well. That's why RECMAR and Curtain-Tracks had the 6018 and 6210 carriers specially made with upgraded wheels and components that are more robust. After all, our goal is to be your #1 source for all things curtain tracks, carriers, accessories and hardware.

6018 Metal Block Carrier

6210 Steel Block Carrier

6018 AND 6210 CARRIERS

The 6018 Metal Block Carrier with Nylon Wheels supported by metal axles, features a swivel eyelet to accept a range of hooks. It is designed for use with the I Beam curtain track and is compatible with 4108 and 4200 aluminum tracks. What makes this carrier so exceptional? It's more durable than the 4121 Nylon Wheel Carriers or 3312 Nylon Black Carriers, and is a great upgrade option. The 6210 Metal Block Carrier with Nylon Wheels on metal axles features a steel swivel eyelet. These curtain carriers are compatible with the 6200 Heavy Duty I Beam Track and are sold individually. Quality at its best!


If you find you need the 6018 or 6210 carriers, there is no need to look any further. We are excited to be able to provide these once hard-to-find carriers to all of our customers!

2001 Monaco Knight Motor Home Curtain Project

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Curtain-Tracks customer, Carrol M., recently emailed us photos of her project using our polyester glide tape. Her and her husband have a 2001 Monaco Knight motor home and they wanted to replace their windshield curtains as the old ones had stiff vinyl glide tape and were difficult to reuse. Carroll put on her creative hat and went to a local store and purchased some curtains. She turned them sideways and they fit the windshield! We love it when our customers are creative!


We love it when our customers are creative! Carrol discovered 63" x 42" curtain panels worked perfectly for her motor home project so she purchased four of them. She then purchased 7 yards of glide tape from Curtain-Tracks. Our 2097 Sew In Glide Tape must be sewn to the curtains and is sold by the yard. Her handy husband sewed it on using their sewing machine. Carrol said, "We skipped the pleats. Who needs pleats? Your site is the only place I could find the polyester glide tape except the manufacturer. Thank you so much!"

Thanks, Carrol, for sharing your project with us. We are so happy we were able to help!

Smooth Carriers

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Sometimes we take things for granted, like how curtains are supposed to glide smoothly on a curtain track. They should open and close easily without a second thought. But that's not always the case.

On a recent trip to Utah, a Curtain-Tracks team member stayed in a hotel and after settling in, went to the window to open the eclipse curtains using a wand to let some light into the room and to check out the view. Should have been easy-peasy. But these carriers didn't glide... force had to be used to open and close the curtains using the wand. How irritating...


In a case like this, we always recommend double checking the track to make sure it isn't bent out of shape. A track that is bent can cause carriers to get stuck and not move easily. If that isn't the problem, we suggest checking to see if there are two tracks joined and that they are even. If the track looks good, then the carriers should be looked at. It just may be time to replace one or more of them. For these particular curtains, our 84100 and 84102 ball bearing carriers are super smooth plus they are affiordable. They are made of alloy so they resist rusting and they are 20% - 25% smaller than traditional curtain carriers. That means there is less stacking space and the curtains will open into a smaller space. So not only are they smooth, they also allow the curtains to be be pulled back further revealing a bigger view from the window.

Not sure what carrier is right for your project? Our website has a wide variety of carriers, like Sew-In Button Carriers, the 7120 Curtain Track Single Snap Carrier, the 84104 Wheeled Snap Carrier, plus so many more. You are sure to find the perfect one for your project, but if you aren't 100% sure what carriers would work best, give us a call. We'd love to help.

The Curtain-Tracks Difference

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When it comes to curtain tracks, drapery hardware and accessories, we know you have a choice. But there are differences between Curtain-Tracks and other online retail stores.

When it comes to quality, you won't find higher quality products on the market. Sturdy and reliable, our products can withstand a lot. But if you are not satisfied, we will accept returned products, in unused condition and in original packaging, excluding custom orders, within 45 days of purchase date.

Apr 13, 2017 11:52:12 PM


When it comes to customer service, you won't experience working with a better team than the experts at Curtain-Tracks. The goal of the team at Curtain-Tracks.com has been to provide the best drapery hardware solutions to our customers in combination with extremely competitive pricing on our products. Unlike many online stores that do not have a customer service department, our customer service team will help you (if you need them to) select the best products. They will also make sure you don't forget a critical part (like end stops) and will walk you through your project from start to finish. And if you need a particular product that you don’t see listed on our site, let us know and we can probably locate it for you. We offer phone support Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 12 AM and Saturday-Sunday from 9 AM to 9 PM Eastern time.


Curtain-Tracks was founded in 2007 is a WBENC certified woman-owned business, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are proud to be the experts and would be honored to have you as our customer.

We know you have many choices in where you chose to shop, and appreciate your business. Give us a call – we are here to help!

Ongoing Support for Justin's Triumph

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Curtain-Tracks.com is proud to continue its support of the Annual Splash-N-Dash put on by Justin's TRIumph over GAN. This year's fundraising race will be held on Sunday May 6th, at the JCC of Houston. The race begins at 8 am and all kids aged 7-15 are eligible to race. Volunteers are also always needed for set up, race management, and clean up afterwards. It is a terrific event. Click here to register.

Justin's TRIumph has a mission, in partnership with Hannah’s Hope Fund for Giant Axonal Neuropathy, Inc., to help raise funds to support the development of a treatment and cure for GAN disease, and to be the resource for doctors, scientists and families world-wide. Justin Clark, along with his sister Lexi Clark, both suffer from this rare disease. Curtain-Tracks.com is supporting the efforts to find a cure in time to help both these terrific kids, along with the others who suffer from this deadly disease.

P.S. What a great event it turned out to be!

Custom Curtains For Your Boat

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Summer is right around the corner and with that comes boating season. For boat owners everywhere, taking your boat of storage is filled with excitement and anticipation. Excitement for the many hours to be enjoyed on the water and anticipation of how the interior looks after a long winter in storage. If your anticipation turns to sadness because you notice there needs to be some updating or replacing of curtains in the interior of your boat, turn that frown upside down because Curtain-Tracks is here to help!


No matter the weather, we have the best selection of tracks and boat curtains around. In fact, we can custom make your curtains to your exact specifications. From our experience, no two boat windows are exactly the same, and because of this, you can’t just shop around for boat curtains that will fit just right. Boats aren’t perfectly symmetrical, so we recommend carefully measuring every job. Our boat curtain fabrics are durable, flame retardant, and Safe-T-Stitching locks in hems and seams. Not only are they high quality, they are available in a variety of colors. We’ve also got liners and blackout fabrics. Choose your fabric and then we highly recommend installing your boat curtains with snap tape. Snap tape affixes the curtain to the track via snaps that quickly and easily release the curtain panel when roughly pulled. Snap tape allows you to easily change the décor, keeps your curtains from ripping and your tracks from being damaged if a passenger aggressively grabs the curtain quickly due to rough seas.


Now that you have your curtains, if you find you need new curtain tracks, we suggest one of the most useful tracks for boats, the CurtainMate curtain track, This track is often used in boats and RVs. It is a small track that keeps a low profile, can be bent by hand, and is easy to install. It’s available in White, Brown, Gray, Black, Tan, Dark Desert, and Dark Slate so you can choose the color that best compliments the interior of your boat.

Ready to spruce up your boat for the season? Give us a call at 888-434-7444, and we will help you every step of the wa including custom making your curtains!