A Cold Snap You Will Enjoy: Snap Tape


A Cold Snap You Will Enjoy: Snap Tape


Most of our loyal blog readers have already weaned themselves off of curtain rods, and embraced the superiority of curtain tracks. For those of you who are ready to take the next step and put down your drapery hooks, we present…snap tape. This little ribbon of fabric with “male” snaps every 4.25 inches can revolutionize the way you hang curtains.



Admittedly, snap tape requires a little work upfront: the tape has to be sewn into the top of the curtain panel. (You can find detailed instructions with photos in our previous blog on this topic.) If you don’t know your way around a sewing machine, you can hire a local seamstress, or send us your curtain panels and we’ll take care of it. Snap carriers fit on most of our tracks and contain the “female” end of the snap. Putting your curtains up or taking them down then becomes a literal snap (or unsnap, respectively).


Our snap tape is high quality, fire retardant, and much more durable than the plastic/PVC versions you will find elsewhere. Using snap tape allows the curtain to cover the carriers and the track for a seamless look. Snap tape is stiff enough that it will hold its shape and keep the curtain panel looking straight and crisp (this is especially helpful with sheers), and will create a perfect S-shaped ripple when the panels are open. If you would like to keep the ripple when the curtains are closed, buy a wider curtain panel and our 84106 Wheeled Snap Carrier, which keeps the carriers a fixed distance apart and maintains the ripple-fold appearance, even when the curtain is closed. All of these features create a smooth, clean, professional line in your curtain panels.


Snap tape advantages aren’t all aesthetic. Curtains hung with snap tape are easy to remove for cleaning or décor changes, but snap tape is most useful in boats or RVs where movement of the vehicle might cause someone to quickly grab at a curtain panel. Rather than rip the curtain or bring the track down on someone’s head, the snaps will open and only the curtain, in one piece, will come down.

We have lots of tracks and carriers that will work with our snap tape. Give us a call at 888-434-7444, and we will help you pick the right combination for you.


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