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A Little Low On Walls? Use Our Ceiling Mount Curtain Track Kit To Make Some

A Little Low On Walls? Use Our Ceiling Mount Curtain Track Kit To Make Some
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Our ceiling-mounted curtain tracks are often used in modern, open, loft spaces to add some warmth and texture into what can sometimes be a cold, sterile environment. They also have practical use as a room divider or door for bedrooms or other private spaces. For these applications a curtain rod simply is not sufficient, especially if you want something low-profile that allows the curtain to get all the attention. Houzz.com recently featured the work of an interior designer who used our ceiling mount curtain track kit in a one-bedroom apartment in New York’s East Village. This track is well-suited to the space and by buying the kit, this designer got all the compatible drapery hardware she needed for the project in one place, and at one time.


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Our ceiling mount curtain track kit comes with enough track, ball-bearing carriers, and end stops for a strong 8-foot curtain track with outstanding performance. Notice that brackets are not included. Nope, we haven’t forgotten them – with this particular track you don’t need any. The track has pre-drilled mounting holes on 16-inch centers, so that it can be installed directly into the ceiling, saving even more space. Keep in mind that no brackets means no splicers. You can put multiple tracks in tandem for wider track applications, but, since there is no splicer, the alignment must be done very carefully. The curtain track and drapery hardware are available in silver and white, and the ball-bearing carriers make opening and closing the curtains a smooth, and quiet, undertaking (perfect when sharing small spaces). Of course if you want to improve the curtain opening and closing experience even further you can add a Master Carrier and Wand Kit.


Our products are high quality and inexpensive, but if you are an architect or interior designer you can get our ceiling mount curtain track kit (and other products) for an even cheaper price through our discount program for such professionals. Give us a call at 888-434-7444 to talk to our sales staff about it.