Add A Striking Design Element With Crown Molding Over Curtain Tracks


Add A Striking Design Element With Crown Molding Over Curtain Tracks



Interior designers recommend creating layers of texture and design elements in a room because it adds interest and warmth. They also recommend that windows not be left bare, and we certainly agree with them on that point. Even a simple window treatment adds design value to any room. Layering a set of draperies behind crown molding is a beautiful way to add layers to the room overall, and a grand way to cover bare windows. Covering the track with a cornice or crown molding is a stylish way to hide the drapery hardware and create very clean lines, which can complement both modern and traditional looks, depending on the size and style of the curtain and the molding.



For this project a wall-mounted curtain track is a must. Since these draperies will be hung from just under the ceiling, a track that uses large, wheeled carriers is needed to hold the weight of the draperies and allow easy moving of the carriers. The 84003 Wall-Mount Curtain Track is a good option, as is the 6200 Heavy Duty I-Beam Track. Both are installed with a bracket that gives 2-3 inches of clearance from the wall, which will need to be considered when choosing or designing the crown molding. These tracks are available in sections up to eight feet, and can be spliced together for longer applications.


Crown_Molding_Over_Curtain_Tracks Crown Molding Over Curtain Tracks



Generally, the lower the ceilings, the simpler the crown molding should be. This holds true when placing the molding over curtain tracks, too, but one also has to keep in mind the texture and pattern of the curtain. A busy pattern will necessitate a simple molding, but a simple solid curtain panel will allow for a more ornate molding or cornice, depending on personal preference.


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