Add Functional and Easy Pizazz with Ceiling Mount Curtain Tracks

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Add Functional and Easy Pizazz with Ceiling Mount Curtain Tracks

When HGTV first came on air, the 90s were in full swing and homeowners hadn’t thought twice about what they could do to their homes. Fast-forward to 2022 and there’s no shortage of walls or floors being altered by homeowners. But in all that time, one landscape has remained completely unchanged: the ceiling. Well, with ceiling mount curtain tracks, things are about to get interesting.  

Unbridled Creativity

Up until those 90s design shows, the typical American homeowner would just throw a new coat of paint up to add interest. Bob Vila notwithstanding, the home remodel space was wide open. This invited everything from scams and knock-off products to true industry improvements like better safety regulations and amazing material breakthroughs.

Drapery hardware got an overhaul as well during this time as curtain tracks and room dividing technology improved. Ceiling mount curtain hardware was refined and began making its way to the consumer market. But where can you go with ceiling curtains? Turns out, the future of remodeling.

New Options

Leveraging this newer technology, like what’s in our 88001 Privacy Cubicle Curtain Track and corresponding hardware, you can divide rooms or build intimate spaces for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. As a matter of fact, starting from the top down (see what we did there?), you can save money, add flexibility, and turn heads with this simple drapery hardware installation.

In another article, we touch on the flexibility of installation as well for when your room remodel has a sloped ceiling. Traditional framing methods create huge waste and mess while also costing thousands of dollars. And once you’re finished, that wall is permanent. With ceiling mount curtain tracks you not only have a simple installation—no framing nailer needed—but your result is immediately beautiful. No paint, no drywall (and all the mess that entails). Just a few mounting brackets and your new curtain tracks will be making the Joneses jealous.

Your Next Project

Consider using ceiling mount hardware for your next room remodel and let those curtain tracks take you into the future of remodeling. For more information on our selection of this type of drapery hardware, check out our store. And when you’ve finished your remodel, send us a picture or two at We’d love to see what you came up with!


Custom Curtain Track Solutions

Whether you are a designer, architect or an individual looking for a DIY project, our track and curtain solutions are designed for simple installation. In addition to window curtain hardware, we also provide high quality, commercial grade curtains that are used for many applications such as RVs, bunk beds, cubicles, hospitals, boats and bathrooms. Our customer service team offers expertise and advice that is unmatched. If you need help, advice or a custom curtain track solution, we're happy to help keep you on the right track!

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