Adding Curtains To Your Sliding Glass Doors


Adding Curtains To Your Sliding Glass Doors


Sliding glass doors are a fantastic feature of the modern home: great for creating a seamless indoor/outdoor transition, opening up the house, brightening up a room, etc. When equipped with screens, they also occasionally allow for a great Funniest Home Videos moment – closed screens can be hard to see! The weaknesses of sliding glass doors only become apparent when you’re not using them: when you want to watch TV in the middle of the day without fighting the glare of sunlight streaming in through your doors made of windows; or when you want to cuddle with your honey and watch a late-night movie on the couch (which is right in front of the sliding glass door), and you’d rather not include your neighbor.

Sliding-Glass-Doors Sliding glass doors with ceiling mounted curtain tracks


We have lots of high-quality, inexpensive options for equipping your sliding glass doors with some privacy-giving curtains. Both ceiling and wall-mounted curtain tracks will work for this application, but if your door frame is very close to the ceiling, a ceiling-mounted track may be your only option. The drapery hardware you need will be determined by what kind of track you choose and what kind of curtain panel you want to hang.

Ideally, we recommend two parallel, ceiling-mounted tracks, such as the 84003 Ball Bearing Curtain Track or the 3118 Aluminum Ceiling Mount Track. Hang sheer curtain panels on the track closest to the door, and our Eclipse-fabric light-blocking curtains on the other track. These panels block 98% of light, help reduce sound, and are the best way of ensuring your privacy when you want it. We recommend installing drapery hardware such as our magic wands for easy opening and closing. Pair the wands with master carriers, which will ensure that the inside edges of the curtains overlap when closed, and you will foil even the nosiest of neighbors.


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