Who Let the Dogs Out?


Who Let the Dogs Out?

What do you do if you're a parent or teacher and have more children's drawings to hang up than you do space on your bulletin board or refrigerator? Before you think about putting holes in your walls from push pins to tack up the picture, consider a much more elegant approach that will let you hang other things, too: the bulldog clip.


What's so great about bulldog clips? These inch-long clips are great for holding drawings without putting holes in the picture or in the wall. These clamps can be hung from 7122 button carrier with hook on a curtain track. Bulldog clips are similar to the clips used to hold badges on lanyards. These clips are designed to hang from hooks, letting you put several of them along a wall. When you clamp drawings on these clips, they stay firmly in place without putting staple or nail holes in the drawings.


Bulldog clips are perfect for hanging artwork. Check out the picture below for an example of hanging children's artwork with bulldog clips and 7187 beaded chains. You can order beaded chain by the yard to hang your pictures at various levels, letting you maximize the amount of wall space you use. You can add hooks and bulldog clips to the end of the chain with 7183 eyelet connector.

Artwork Use 32124 track and bulldog clips for hanging children's artwork.


Are you an all star with so many medals you don't know what to do with all of them? Use bulldog clips to hang your medals from a track. Just clamp the medal's ribbon in the bulldog clip for displaying it. You can arrange several medals along an entire wall to showcase your achievements.

Medals Use 32124 track for hanging award medals.


So, what types of hooks do you use to hang bulldog clips? The hooks are included on 7122 button carriers, but you can also use 7142 steel curtain hooks with other rollers.


The type of carriers you use will help you choose a curtain track. For instance, the 7122 button carriers can be used with 32124 low-profile track or 42124 ceiling mount track, among others.


Do you need help with picking the right track or hooks for your bulldog clips to hang up your pictures or awards? Let us know. We have experts who know about the various uses for our products and their compatibility. Just contact us with questions or if you want to share your ideas.


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