Avoid Common Mistakes And Learn How To Hang Curtains


Avoid Common Mistakes And Learn How To Hang Curtains


While we at CurtainTracks.com certainly hope you get most of your curtain hanging information from us, we admit there are some other experts out there worth reading. For example, we recommend checking out what the good folks at ApartmentTherapy.com recently published regarding the do’s and don’ts of hanging curtains. Unfortunately, the article exclusively discusses hanging curtains with rods, but the tips are universal, and the points they make about how to hang curtains are so good that we will forgive them for not yet having joined the curtain track revolution.



You will never regret placing the ends of your track well beyond the corners of the window, nor will you ever wish you had bought a narrower curtain panel. Plan to order a track that is 1-2 feet wider than your window, and a curtain panel at least 20% wider than that, if not more. Curtain length should be at least 3-4 inches longer than the track to the bottom of the window. This is largely personal preference, but the ApartmentTherapy.com staff recommend the curtains hit the floor. This is fine with us because floor-to-ceiling curtains hung on a ceiling-mounted curtain track make a stunning design impact. The overall effect of all these tips is that the window will look bigger, the window treatment will add a significant design element to the room, and you will be able to expose the whole window when the curtains are open.


What you choose to hang on your curtain track makes a big difference to the room. A light fabric or sheer is appropriate for a casual space or children’s room, but a drape would work better in a dining room or living room. Also consider where the sun hits the house and if you want to block it or welcome it in. (Our Eclipse curtains are great for blocking light, helping to absorb sound, and saving energy.) Or, have the best of both worlds by installing two parallel ceiling-mounted tracks and hang both a sheer and a light-blocking curtain. This is a good strategy for those that live in areas with cold winters and hot summers.

Our customer service reps have lots of other tips about how to hang curtains, and they are itching to share them. Give them a call at 888-434-7444.


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