Avoid Pinterest Fails With Our Shirring Tape


Avoid Pinterest Fails With Our Shirring Tape


Have you ever wanted custom drapery but were afraid of the cost? Have you loved a comforter set but weren't able to find the matching curtains to complete the look? Well then do we have the project for you! Two of our awesome products combine for one of the easiest and cheapest DIY’s for the home. Because our products are high end, you won’t have to repurpose a household item, and we promise you won’t end up on Pinterest Fail.

For this project, you don’t even have to have curtains to create curtains! All you need is a piece of fabric, so if you have a comforter set that includes a flat sheet, you can quickly and easily have a custom matching curtain. If you have a tablecloth that you love, you can create custom drapery and complete the room in no time, and with very little money out of pocket.



Our Shirring Tape (also know as Wrinkle Band Tape) makes these projects possible and is sold by the yard and costs only $2.00 per yard. Simply sew the tape to the top of the curtains to provide an easy means to use hooks with curtains that are not pinch pleated. If you don’t love to sew, you could always cheat and use some iron on fabric adhesive. For easy-to-follow instructions, visit one of our previous blog posts.

We have a 14 pack of hooks to pair with your newly created drapes so your entire custom project will still cost you less than $20. You can choose between plastic (lighter) or stainless steel (won’t rust) hooks and they can be used with many existing curtain tracks, or you can choose from our wide range of tracks and carriers.


We love to see our customers’ projects! Check out our Gallery on Curtain-Tracks.com today and then send us pictures of your completed masterpieces. Yep, we used the plural of masterpiece because we are so sure you are going to love this project and use it on all of your windows.


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