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Awkward Angles Are No Match For Curtain-Tracks

Awkward Angles Are No Match For Curtain-Tracks
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Many homeowners leave their bay windows bare because they are unsure how to measure and install traditional curtain rods. Add in the fact that homes are different, especially older homes with varying angles between walls, and even pre-made bay window tracks become frustrating. Curtain-Tracks flagship flexible curtain track allows for an easy installation and a perfect fit each time.


The first step in this easy DIY project is measuring. You’ll want to be sure to measure the entire space that you want the curtains to be able to hang. We suggest that the track run the entire length of your bay windows so that you have options as your tastes and needs change. If the track runs from edge to edge, the curtains can create privacy when closed and can also be positioned anywhere in between windows for different looks. Don’t forget to measure all the way to the angle in between the windows to allow for the bend in the track.


Not only can our flexible curtain track create an easy and custom fit for each bay or corner window, it can allow for a sleek and flexible look. The 6100 track can be hung from the ceiling or the wall using cartridges every ten inches. The beauty is that neither of these cartridges get in the way of the curtains’ movement. That means that the panels can cover the entire bay area (the wall area included) or just the windows or any combination of the two.


Take another look at your bay window with this flexible track in mind. Wouldn’t it be an easy upgrade to add the possibility of curtains to this space? What about two windows in a corner bedroom or bump out of the living room? Send us a picture of your project and we can guide you on measurements and product choices.