Last weekend I went to my best-friend-from-childhood's wedding. I've known this girl since playing soccer on the community team at just 5 years old, so it's safe to say, Laura and I go way back. As such, I knew I could expect her a few clever twist and turns during her Chicago Cubs themed reception.

It started with baseball centerpieces and strategically placed blue and red items throughout the banquet hall, but the clincher (no pun intended) was when it was time for the cake. Instead of a traditional wedding cake, Laura and Kevin had several hundred Cubs cupcakes decorated and assembled on a tiered tree in the shape of a gigantic cake. No joke, these were the best cupcakes I had ever tasted - and far surpassed any generic white wedding cake slice I've ever been served.

Before leaving the reception after a few hours of cutting a rug, I made doubly sure to ask Laura where the cupcakes were baked. Once she told me where they came from, I made a special trip there the following day to pay the owner a visit and stock up on her red velvets.

When I got to her store I noticed she had a curtain track installed with a drape that separated her baking area from the front display and cash register area. Naturally, I asked her about this, as it is my understanding that most restaurants/bakeries separate their food prep areas from the front of house with a hinged door that swings both ways.

The owner, Sherice, explained to me that she use to have a door like that there, but since most of the time it is just her in the shop, prepping in the back and working the cash register, she couldn't always hear customers come in and therefore didn't know people were waiting for assistance. Plus there are a lot of times when she has to carry delicate arrangements or heavy trays of cupcakes and the curtain is simply easier to pass through than having to kick open a door or worry if there's someone else on the other side. So then I asked why she didn't just take down any barrier, and she responded with two words: "Flour. Everywhere."

This is a great example of where curtains and tracks can be used in a commercial application beyond the norm. So, if you're a restaurant or bakery owner and can relate to what Sherice was describing, here are some suggested products for you to check out that might make your life a little easier:

And, as always, please send along any images of your projects so that we can post in our blog.



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