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Ball Bearing Carriers That Are Small But Mighty... And Smooth

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Is there anything more annoying than a curtain that is difficult to open?  Well, there probably is, but a sticky curtain certainly is frustrating.  Think about the last time you went to open your curtains only to get frustrated because they wouldn't glide smoothly on the track. We are willing to bet that the unexpected sticking was so annoying that you may have used a few choice words.  Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us.





The good news is that the solution is simple: Curtain-Tracks to the rescue!  Some of our smallest parts, the 84100 and the 84102 ball bearing carriers, provide the best bang for the buck.  These carriers are so smooth, you’ll never grumble those choice words at your windows again.  Well, at least not because the curtains are stuck again.


These little suckers provide a smooth opening and closing because of the ball bearings housed inside of them. They are made of alloy so they resist rusting and allow for ease of movement.  Can you just hear the crisp, smooth sound of these carriers moving across one of our compatible tracks with ease? Ahhh…



An added bonus is that these ball bearing carriers allow the curtains to open into an even smaller space, 25% smaller than traditional curtain carriers if you go with the 84100 and 20% less than that if you go with the micro version, 84102.  That means you’ll be able to see more window and less curtains when they are opened and off to the side.  Pretty!



Another fun option for testing these carriers would be ending your statements with dramatic effect. Think of the opening or closing of the curtains as your punctuation mark, say, an exclamation point.  Try it out the next time you are trying to make a point to your kids or your husband.  Then, take a picture of the new set up and email it to us at info@curtain-tracks.com.  We would love to see your finished product and hear your success story!