Bay Window Got You Stumped? Say “Hello” to Flexible Curtain Tracks

Bay Window Curtain Tracks

Bay Window Got You Stumped? Say “Hello” to Flexible Curtain Tracks

When we see a nice big bay window, we get a little jealous. We long for a space to curl up with a good book and a steaming cup of tea—especially when winter hits—only, not everyone has one of these amazing windows in their home. In the past, the idea of outfitting a bay window with suitable drapery hardware seemed like a hard stop for dreams of window watching until the invention of flexible curtain racks.

Your window dressing is in good hands

The beauty of a flexible curtain track, or sometimes referred to as curtain rails, for bay windows is that you can custom bend any length of track you want. That’s because the extruded profile of this bay window drapery hardware is designed to work with toolless bending. Of course, there are also specific 90- and 45-degree bends you can purchase for that perfect angle. But, for those odd angles seen in many bay windows, our 6100 curtain track is the way to go.

The ease-of-use for our flexible tracks is a matter of matching your lengths between the bends. For most homes, bay windows—and really any corner in the house—are often not a perfect angle. Construction foibles and settling that occurs over time work against your home’s pristine corners to produce an odd angularity. This can ruin any normal installation of curtain tracks, which is why this solution is so great.

Bay windows drapery how to:

To start, simply measure your bay window’s individual pane widths, including the casing (or molding) surrounding them. Add 2 to 4 inches to each of the two outermost window lengths—to have some overhang for withdrawn curtains. Then, begin bending your flex track at the corner measurement between each window. Hold your track up to the window to ensure your bend angle is correct and the result should be a nice close fit from track to window. For more on measuring bay window curtain rods, check here.

The ability to hand-bend these tracks is what makes these flexible curtain racks so ideal for making your bay window a destination on those wintery mornings. With the easy-to-use hangers you can swap out thicker material in the winter and flowing, ethereal materials in the summer. That difficult window is now a simple part of your decorating motif with just a little flex in your hardware.

So, get a close fit by using our 6100 Flexible Curtain Tracks and you’ll never look at fitting a window as being difficult ever again.

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