Elegant'sea - Boat Shower Curtain Project


Elegant'sea - Boat Shower Curtain Project

As we continue to develop both depth and breadth of our own blog here at Curtain-Tracks.com, we have come to form a greater appreciation for our customer's blogs as well.  It is exciting for us to see our products highlighted in a DIY blog post or message board, both because it is satisfying to see the products that we offer put to work, and because there is nothing more informational for potential customers than an honest testimonial of a customer who is using your products.

That being said, we wanted to share with you the blog of Elegant'sea, a 1978 Islander Freeport 36 sailboat based out of San Diego.  The boat's owners have an obvious passion for the sea and their sailboat, so they chronicle the ongoing restoration of the boat.  All boat owners know that maintenance and repair is never done, but some thrive on the journey as well as the destination and I think that likely summarizes this couple.

Sailboat owned by Curtain-Tracks.com customers Elegant'sea

These nice folks came across Curtain-Tracks.com at the recommendation of someone at the dock and bought parts to replace missing carriers for the shower curtain track in the boats head.  They have documented many of their DIY projects, and how they tackled their boat shower curtain project is just one of them. We are glad to have helped in a small way and appreciate their mention of our products to their followers in the boating community.  Safe travels, Elegant'sea.

Boat Shower Curtain on Track

We do feel obliged to mention that Curtain-Tracks.com could have offered a custom sized boat curtain in a very similar fabric (Hotel Nylon) made to order.  In this case, the curtain needed to be wider than the standard 6 foot x 6 foot shower curtain.  We offer shower curtains in both vinyl and polyester in heights up to 9 feet and widths up to 24 feet.  For the real DIY boat owner, our shower curtains may not have been preferred.  But for those who are not confident in their own ability as a seamstress, we've got you and your shower covered.

Curtain-Tracks.com offers a wide range of curtain tracks and replacement parts for smaller tracks that are commonly used in boats.  Many of these parts have been used for years, and it can make a repair project much simpler if you can find a compatible part that fits versus having to replace a full system or start from scratch.  If you've got a boat and can't seem to find the drapery hardware part you need, email us a picture and more times than not, we can point you in the right direction even if we don't carry the parts.  Regardless of the type boat, yacht, sailboat or cabin cruiser, we can offer a safe port in the storm of a Do-It-Yourself project.



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