Bounce Into Spring With Our Bungee Cords

Bounce Into Spring With Our Bungee Cords


At we have begun our spring cleaning. In doing so we have brushed the dust from some of our little known, but very useful, products that aren’t curtains, curtain tracks or drapery hardware. We offer several items that fall into this category (or is it non-category?), and today we would like to introduce you to our bungee cords. You heard that right! We have been offering high quality bungee cords for some time, but ours are a little different than the standard cord you can find at the hardware store. Ours is a corded loop with a single chrome-colored hook. So, a one-side bungee cord, if you will, that is ten inches long and can stretch to twice its length.



The one hook/loop configuration makes this cord very secure. The loop is wrapped around an object (like a pole or frame), or through a hole (like a grommet). Then the hook is put through the hoop and hooked to the other side; no-slip secure. Our bungee cords can be used for many different needs. Our boat and RV owners will appreciate them for keeping tarps and boat covers snugly in place, and pick-up truck owners use them for bed tie-downs. They can also be used to keep car covers, tents and awnings in place. Combine them with our EasyKlip Banner and Tarp Clips to hang signs and banners, and you will have the most secure signs and banners in town.


Our bungee cords are available in white and black, and come in a pack of 10 cords for an inexpensive $15.00. This is similar to the cost of other, inferior cords on the market. (You know the ones… the two-sided cords that are so last season.) As always we deliver to you a superior product while keeping the cost to you as low as possible.

How have you used our bungee cords? Let us know at


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