Bring Back Old-School Style With Wall Mount Curtain Tracks

Wall Mount Curtain Tracks
Bring Back Old-School Style With Wall Mount Curtain Tracks

I can remember as a kid being mystified by the curtains I was playing LEGOs around. I would look up and far beyond my little eyes there was something suspending these thick folds of fabric. And when I would tug at them, the soft shh-shh as they moved from side to side was as close to magic as I could imagine.  

Big picture window? Uninterrupted wall of glass? Sliding doors to the back yard? There are dozens of places where I’ve seen a need for wall mounted curtains, and more than half of those I can remember from 30-40 years ago. But it seems as if, during the early 2000s, the interest in traditional drapery hardware waned. This unfortunately left most homes, apartments, and even businesses with either mini blinds or window clings to cover large windows.

Light management can be a minefield of missteps and failures when it comes to large windows. Huge areas that require large coverings that can be unwieldy and difficult to apply really only look good when given a curtain treatment. Mini blinds and even pleated blinds leave much to be desired. And window tints, clings, or perforated graphics are limited in being either on or off—and no in-between. We’ve had a few decades exploring these options, but I think it’s time to go back to the tried-and-true.

The unsung hero that navigates these fenestration conundrums with ease is the humble wall mount curtain track. With wall mount curtain tracks, unlike their ceiling-mount cousins (that we discussed in another post), there is no limit to the application options. Nearly every window in any house or business is stuck in a wall of some sort, and so long as you have an inch or so to mount to, wall mount curtain tracks are just the thing.

And more than just application, you have the aesthetic advantage with wall mount curtin tracks when hanging curtains. Tracks so discreet that you might think your drapery hardware is invisible, curved options for seamless movement even on irregular walls, and powder-coated finishes and ball-bearing mechanisms for whisper quiet and long-lasting hardware give you an opportunity to upgrade any look without compromising style.

As a best-selling product, wall mount curtain tracks are a sure bet whether you’re a designer looking for classic hardware or a homeowner looking for reliable hanging options. The simple extrusion allows you to customize the length without special tools and you can order in 16-foot lengths, in case your coverage area is oversized. This level of flexibility can be difficult to find in drapery hardware, and with the potential for hanging custom curtains, you can’t go wrong with the wall mount option.

Even in the case of room division, where there are soffits or trusswork (as with open-air applications) wall mount curtain tracks bring a new level of sophistication to the party. Leave them exposed for an industrial or futuristic look, or cover them with curtain material and blend the hardware into the drapery perfectly. Bet you didn’t know there was so much to these simple tracks. But what’s your application? Leave a comment below with how you’d apply this old-school curtain hardware. Or for more ideas, visit our Pinterest page!

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