Get On The Bus


Get On The Bus

Have a tour bus or commercial bus you want to make more enjoyable to ride on? Curtains installed on the windows can be a big help. These keep heat and light from entering, which helps to maintain the comfort of the passengers. In addition, curtains can be used on buses for to provide privacy for bunks or sleeping areas.


Getting curtains for your bus is not always as easy as you might think. Finding pre-made curtains that will fit your bus's windows exactly is difficult to nearly impossible. The best way to get the curtains you need is to have them custom made.

Our custom-made bus curtains can include the sewn-in carriers if you like, and you get your choice of colors. A wide range of fabrics are available, only consider fire retardant material for curtains used in vehicles. Check out the numerous color options we have available for our bus curtains in the image below.

Shadow cube colors


The glides (also referred to as carriers, gliders, slides. and rollers) you choose for your bus curtains will help you pick the right tracks for your bus curtains. Choosing the glides for your curtains before they are made is important because it will help determine if the curtains need grommets or if the glides will be sewn-in.

Sewn-in carriers include:

  • 3040 nylon sewn-in tailsides
  • 2097 sew-in plastic glide tape
  • 3042 nylon T-glides with elastic
  • 3091 snap tape to use with snap carriers

Other carriers for bus curtains include:

  • 4121 carriers
  • 3050 ABS plastic eye slide
  • 3060 plastic snap slider
  • 3070 and 7120 snap carriers to use with snap tape
  • 7124 button carriers
  • 7122 hook and button slider


Bus tracks do not refer to the marks left by the tires but to the tracks used to hold up the curtains on the bus. The types of track you need will depend on the carriers you pick. When you order the rollers or gliders with your curtains, look on the product page for the carriers you want. The tracks listed on that page will all be compatible with the carrier you selected for your curtains.


When you are ready to order your curtains, besides the type of slides you want, you also need to measure the curtains. Each window should be measured individually to ensure that you get the correct size. If your bus has existing curtains, measure those. Measure the length and width of the window you want to cover. It should be from where the track will be installed to the point where you want the curtains to drop to. Add some inches to the width of the curtains if you want them to completely cover the sides of the window or if you want pleats.


Once you are ready to order your curtains, contact Brenda for information about ordering and to give us the specifics about your window measurements and specifications. We can also help you pick a track for your bus curtains. Ordering custom-made curtains has never been easier.


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