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Customer Testimonial - Floor to Ceiling Curtain

Customer Testimonial - Floor to Ceiling Curtain
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We are happy to share the feedback provided by another highly satisfied customers.  She used a ceiling mounted track to help decorate her room and her comments and photo are shared below:

I used curtain tracks mounted to the ceiling in front of a 9ft wide window. The ceiling is 10ft tall and I hunted high and low for the right way to hang drapes in this loft. The curtain tracks are a PERFECT option. Much better that traverse rods and far less expensive, both for the hardware and the draperies. The drapes just glide back and forth with a gentle pull...no cords or wands needed. Installation of the curtain tracks was easy...did not need to find studs for screws, just used screw expanders and it worked like a charm. LOVE this product and will be using them again soon for another project.

Melissa A. - Franklin, TN

Ceiling Mounted Curtain Track

The drapery hardware that Melissa selected was the black RECMAR 3120 curtain track, 7140 double wheel carriers, and black 7127 end stops.  This is a sturdy, reliable combination that works well for this type application.  The track is mounted to the ceiling by drilling holes through the top of the track and driving screws through the track into the ceiling, meaning that the screw heads are concealed inside the curtain track.  You may also notice from the picture that the header of the curtain fronts the track when the curtain is closed.  This conceals the hardware behind the curtain, and can be accomplished by adjusting the location of the hooks on the curtain down from the top edge to push the curtain up in front of the curtain.

The selection of the 3120 curtain track also allowed Melissa to choose a black curtain track, one of the few black curtain tracks on the market.  This worked well in her design given the black ceiling and duct work in this particular room.

We really like the way this project turned out and look forward to seeing Melissa's next project.  If you like seeing customer projects, be sure to check out the Curtain-Tracks.com Gallery.  Thanks for sharing, Melissa!