Change Backdrops Quickly And Easily With Photo Studio Tracks

Change Backdrops Quickly And Easily With Photo Studio Tracks



In photography, composition is everything, and the right background can make or break a photograph. There are lots of photography equipment retailers who are happy to sell expensive systems for organizing muslins and other types of backdrops to novice photographers. Experienced photo artists know that the most expensive, obvious choice is not always the best one. curtain tracks and drapery hardware provide a simple, efficient, cost-effective way to organize backdrops and create a useful, durable photo studio track that will stand up to daily, repeated use.


Photography Studio



A ceiling-mounted curtain track is an obvious choice for a photo studio track. This track allows floor-to-ceiling coverage, and installation can be a simple as drilling the track directly into the ceiling. Our 88001 Privacy Cubicle Curtain Track is the direct-drill variety and is a great choice for this application for several reasons. It accommodates relatively large wheeled carriers, which are necessary for hanging long curtains or heavy backdrops. Such carriers will allow for quick, smooth moving and arranging of muslins, curtains, backdrops, etc., as needed. This track is available in straight and pre-bent sections that can be spliced together, which allows the backdrops to be curved horizontally, and can be used to create an area for storing those not currently being used, or even place backdrops all the way around the room.



We also have drapery hardware that will make hanging backdrops on the photo studio track much easier. Any fabric or panel that doesn’t have grommets or pleats can be hung by adding metal clips to the carrier hooks, and simply pinching the clip onto the panel. Also, shorter panels that still need to reach the floor can be hung from drop chains (with or without clips, as needed), which are height adjustable.


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