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Christmas Stocking Hanger - Customer Reviews

Christmas Stocking Hanger - Customer Reviews
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Thanks to another customer who was very happy with the Christmas Stocking Hanger Kit she purchased from Curtain-Tracks.com.  She shared the picture below, which highlights how subtle the low profile track is when mounted under a mantel.   In this instance, the white Stocking Hangers blend nicely with the antique white mantel.  More importantly, it met the expectations of the customer.

Christmas Stocking Hooks

This hanger was used on a faux fireplace at my office.  It looks great and I will probably be ordering more in the future. Thanks.  (submitted by Christina D. - New Ulm, Texas)

We also heard from Erin K. in Houston, Texas who was very pleased with her Christmas Stocking Hanger.  She said the best part was the ability to slide the stockings to the ends of the mantel when they lit a fire in the fireplace.

Sliding Hooks to Hang Christmas Stockings on Mantel

If you haven't ordered one of these kits, we think you will be pleased with your purchase if you do.  Even if you buy it now and tuck it away for next year, go ahead and order it now.  Don't forget to get an extra pack of sliding hooks when you order so you are never caught short.  Christmas is fast approaching, so you better hurry!