A Claw Foot Tub Can Be Beautiful AND Practical

A Claw Foot Tub Can Be Beautiful AND Practical


If you are a homeowner, you know how much value can be added to a home by completing a bathroom renovation. According to many sources like HGTV, a claw foot tub is one simple and classic addition that can bring style to a master bathroom. What you won’t see in any pictures or descriptions, though, is any information about a shower curtain. Why? Because these DIY shows and sites often gloss over the practical and sell viewers on the aesthetic appeal. Beautiful? Yes. Classic? Definitely. Unique? Yep. Private? Weeelllll….That’s where Curtain-Tracks comes to the rescue! We have two different solutions to protect privacy and highlight the visual appeal.



One solution to this dilemma is adding a curtain track to the same perimeter as the tub. Since our 6100 Flexible Curtain Track is bendable by hand, it’s easy to create an exact match of the tub’s dimensions. Hang this on the ceiling immediately above the tub with ceiling cartridges, and you are well on your way to not being on display while you bathe.

An easy next step is to hang the shower curtain to the track with our stainless steel hooks. To give the shower curtain a little bit of an industrial style look, consider adding beaded chain between the hook and the curtain. Not only will this give your tub surround some added style, it also gives an illusion of the traditional rod-style shower curtain. Another way to achieve this visual space between the ceiling and the curtain is by using our privacy cubicle curtain. It has mesh on the top to give the perception of a curtain rod mounted lower on the wall.


Since ceiling mounted tracks give so much flexibility, there is another solution to the privacy vs. style debate. Use any of our ceiling mounted tracks to hang curtains as a room divider. Place them so that when in use, the tub is given a private area, but when not in use, the curtains can be used as decor, out of the visual line of the beautiful claw feet. Choose a track that matches the metal in your bathroom, combined with the appropriate parts and accessories and your favorite curtains, and you have a flexible space that allows for bathing (or wine drinking or book reading!) to happen in private, but also allows the beautiful tub to be on display when not in use.


Put on your coziest robe and slippers, and visit www.curtain-tracks.com to begin planning the bathroom of your dreams! It is possible to have a beautiful AND functional bathroom; let us help you get started today!


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