Convert a Closet into Functional Space


Convert a Closet into Functional Space

We've mentioned before in our blog about replacing closet doors with curtains. Along those lines, we came across an interesting article at regarding closet conversion by Nicole Sforza. The article highlighted three homeowners who took closet space that was disorganized and underutilized and converted it into stylish and highly functional alcoves in their living spaces. In each of the three examples, you will notice that a curtain was used to conceal the area or storage within the area, and you know by know that we are always on the lookout for creative ways to utilize curtain tracks in interior design.

Home Office in Closet with Curtain Door

In the first project, the homeowner converted a hallway closet into a quaint home office. With the simply addition of a deck and shelving to take advantage of the vertical space, this nook went from an unsightly closet to a haven for work and computing. The wallpaper provides a backdrop with flair, and the curtain door conceals the space when not in use. Since most of us know that a desk rarely stays tidy, the curtain may be the most critical component to mask the clutter of a well used desktop.

Bar for Entertaining Created in a Linen Closet

In the next project described in the Real Simple article, the homeowner opted to convert an unused linen closet into a bar. It provided them with another great way to use a space and also improve the appearance as well. In this case, curtain was used to conceal the storage under the counter top. Another great place where a small curtain track can be utilized effectively to accent a design. This is a terrific way to convert a closet into usable space.

Closet becomes office space

The final project entailed a two part conversion. The initial makeover included the creation of an office out of a closet. Again, a curtain was utilized to conceal the desk and shelving used for storage. This homeowner reevaluated their choice, and went on to convert the closet to a a library to house their book collection. This goes to show that you can always use creativity to evolve your living space to best meet your needs. This closet turned office turned library looks great.

We've seen example of above of closets changed into an office, bar, and library. I could also envision a craft or gift wrapping station, a video gaming nook for the kids, an clothes folding or ironing workspace with a flip down ironing board, or even a home gym with a fold up treadmill. There are plenty of ways to take advantage of closet space beyond its traditional use. And of course, the used of a curtain on a track to replace a door provides more flexibility for your design. Can you think of a way to displace those skeleton and better use a closet for your needs? If you do, please let us know so we can share it with our readers.


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