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Create a Fairytale Bedroom With Curtain Tracks

Create a Fairytale Bedroom With Curtain Tracks
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If you are familiar with the names Belle, Ariel, and Tiana, or if you have the Frozen soundtrack memorized (willingly or not), then this blog is for you.  Why? Because you either have an aspiring little princess in your home, or you are an aspiring princess yourself. Either way, we can help you bring the fantasy to life with some simple curtain tracks and drapery hardware, a little creativity, and a sprinkle of pixie dust (sorry, we just couldn’t help ourselves). These items can help you create a fairytale bedroom for even the most royal of princesses.


fairytale_bedroom Fairytale Bedroom
Photo: Pinterest



Installing the right curtain tracks and curtains, in the right places, is an inexpensive way to add color to a room without painting, and can also be used to add some magic to the look of a child’s bedroom. A simple bed can be made more enchanting by using a textured, sheer curtain as a headboard. Our Curtain-Mate wall-mounted track (used with snap tape sewn into the curtain panel) will sit flush against the wall and is a good track for this application. You can even extend the installation of the track to create a textured accent wall.



Why not surround the princess’s bed with the same sublime curtain panels? For this you will need a ceiling-mounted curtain track such as our Ball-Bearing Carrier Curtain track, which can be ordered in straight, ninety-degree-bent, or forty-five-degree-bent sections and spliced together as needed; or the Flexible Curtain track, which can be bent by hand as needed. You can let your creativity flow to make the set-up truly spectacular by including string lights and flowers, as the inspired designer did in the HGTV.com photo above.


Let us be your fairy godmother and help you make your princess dreams come true. Call us at 888-434-7444 and we will help you get started.