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Create A Quiet Space In Your Life With Curtains That Absorb Sound

Create A Quiet Space In Your Life With Curtains That Absorb Sound
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We live in a noisy world. Background noise from traffic, electronics, appliances, machinery, etc., is constant, and, long term, can affect more than just our hearing. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, noise pollution adversely affects the health of millions of people in the form of stress related illnesses, high blood pressure, speech interference, hearing loss, sleep disruption, and lost productivity. This is more than enough inspiration to find a quiet place to relax, but, short of moving to a cabin on Walden Pond, they can be difficult to find. We have helped many people create their own quiet space with the use of curtains that absorb sound.





The Eclipse curtain fabric that we carry is top-of-the-line in light blocking and sound absorbing. They are machine-washable, flame-retardant, and available in over 25 colors. These room darkening, energy conserving, polyester panels are routinely used by people who work the night shift and get their sleep during the brightest, noisiest part of the day. Hanging these curtains from one of our ceiling-mounted tracks, such as the 88001 Privacy Cubicle Curtain Track, creates a floor-to-ceiling virtual wall that will block 98% of light, and reduce sounds from outside. Eclipse panels have nickel-plated brass grommets every six inches, which means they require a hook and a carrier, such as our two-wheel carrier with hook.



Curtains that absorb sound can be useful for many applications, not just getting some shut-eye midafternoon. These curtain panels, which are available precut into multiple lengths, can be used anywhere a quiet, private area is needed. They can be helpful in small homes or daycares to create a quiet place for relaxing or napping undisturbed. Teenagers can have a private, curtained-off corner to focus on homework. These curtain panels can also be very effective at creating a home studio for musicians, video bloggers, or audiobook readers; or for controlling acoustics in professional studios.


Do you have a need to create a quiet space in your personal or professional life? Call us at 888-434-7444 so we can help you make it happen.