Creating a Frustration Free Shower


Creating a Frustration Free Shower



I bet many of our readers have had a tension shower curtain rod fall on them at least once.  How frustrating! Staying up and holding curtains are literally the only two jobs these rods have, and they often fail. There isn’t much worse than opening the shower curtain in the morning, half awake, and having the entire thing fall on your toes. Ouch!





Now, imagine opening your shower curtain with ease. Satisfying, right? (Sometimes it’s the simple things in life.)  With ceiling mounted curtain tracks, you can even take some frustration out on the shower curtain as you prepare for a long day at the office and bemoan the fact that you are awake well before the sun.



So, fellow Curtain-Tracks readers, it’s time to change the way we think. Who decided that we must all use a tension mounted rod to hang our shower curtains? A quick Google search will show you that several people have been cited; and really, this invention serves a great purpose in some situations. However, Curtain-Tracks believes that our products are better equipped to handle the daily use of the shower.


Because they can be mounted to the ceiling, they can hold much more weight. This weight could come from a super-fancy velour shower curtain, or from kids hanging from the curtain like Tarzan. The weight could come from your frustration as you get ready for work and realize you are running late. Whatever the case, the strength of our ceiling mounted tracks is hard to argue.



In addition to strength, our ceiling mounted track, carriers, and brackets provide a sleek look. The added height of the curtains, all the way to the ceiling, is simply pretty. It gives a clean line from floor to ceiling, and hides any grime that might be lurking in the shower.

On last point, if you are a freeze baby in the shower, another benefit to ceiling mounted curtains is that they let out less steam, and therefore less heat. Think of it as your own personal sauna. You’re welcome.



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