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New Curtain Carriers for Classic and Vintage RVs, Campers and Trailers

New Curtain Carriers for Classic and Vintage RVs, Campers and Trailers
By Curtain-Tracks 11 years ago 2977 Views 2 comments

We are happy to announce the addition of two new curtain carriers.  These glides have been commonly used by RV, travel trailer, and camper manufacturers for many years.  As we have had customers asking where to locate them to replace the missing or broken parts in their vehicles, we located sourced them and will now offer them through the Curtain-Tracks.com site.

Whether you are restoring a vintage or classic Airstream travel trailer, replacing the missing parts in an antique Shasta camper, or searching for a carrier to fit a unique curtain track in an aircraft or boat, these may be the solution to your search.

Both of these styles are sew directly to the curtain.  The plastic material can be penetrated by a sewing needle to allow the curtain tabs to be stitched directly to header of the curtain.  The tab on the 7118 Sew In Button Carrier offer a cross hatch pattern with small openings that make stitching the tab to the curtain easier.  This larger sew in tab is compatible with RECMAR 32124, 42124, 52124 and 84003 and 84004 curtain tracks.  The friction carrier slides easily within these tracks.  The dimensions of the 7118 Sew In Button Carrier are as follows:  1 inch tall x .44 inches wide.  Head diameter - .44 inches.  Neck Diameter - .19 inches.  This curtain glide is made of white nylon and is sold in bags of 14.

[caption id="attachment_375" align="aligncenter" width="156" caption="7118 Sew In Button Carrier / Glide"]Sew In Button Carrier for Vintage Trailers

The 3038 Sew In Tabs were used in the 1960s by various trailer manufactures.  To maintain authenticity when refurbishing these vintage trailers, the owners and restorers like to use the same products and designs that were originally offered.  These tabs are sew directly to the curtain with the head of the tab inserted into the track.  The sew in tabs are compatible with RECMAR 3108, 3110, 3290, 3292, 3294, and 3296 curtain tracks.  The dimensions for the curtain tabs or glides are 7/8 inches wide x 3/4 inches tall. The diameter of the round head of the tab this slips into the curtain track is 3/16 in.  Sold in bags of 14.

[caption id="attachment_376" align="aligncenter" width="221" caption="Vintage 1960's Era 3038 Sew In Curtain Tabs"]Sew In Curtain Tab Airstream

Curtain-Tracks 4 years ago at 8:36 PM
The sew in button carriers is available on the Curtain-Tracks.com website. They come in packs of 14 and fit a wide range of curtain tracks.
Mike Childers 4 years ago at 8:36 PM
Where can I purchase the 7118 carrier