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Curtain Track Projects For Special Needs

Curtain Track Projects For Special Needs
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We have had many clients over the years who care for elderly or disabled relatives, and wanted to help their loved ones maintain their privacy and dignity while still receiving the help they need for everyday tasks like showering and bathing. Brenda, one of our most experienced customer service reps, particularly enjoys the challenge of working on projects for special needs, and, as she says, “If they can dream it up, I can make it.”


88001 Track



Many of these customers have installed a curbless shower. To enclose a curbless shower adequately for both water runoff and privacy, Brenda recommends using either the 6100 Flexible Curtain Track or the 88001 Privacy Cubicle Curtain track. The flexible track can be bent in a complete circle to enclose the entire shower area. The privacy cubicle track keeps a low-profile by being installed directly into the ceiling, and can be ordered in sections that are bent into 90 degree angles. The best curtains for this application are our long nylon curtain panels.



We have had a few clients that had a patient lift system that carried their disabled relative into the shower area. In these cases, Brenda recommended installation of two privacy cubicle tracks that began at opposite walls and ended at the beam for the lift. She then sewed Velcro onto the long sides of the curtain panels that met in the middle so that the curtains could be easily closed after the lift carried the individual into the shower.



Curtain-Tracks.com tracks and carriers are of such high quality that the carriers slide smoothly and easily through the track, making the curtains very easy to open and close, even from a sitting position. To make this easy process even easier, we have master carriers and wands (similar to those found on hotel curtains). We even have wands with circular handles that meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (not available on the website, please call to order).


Give Brenda a call (888-434-7444) so she can get to work on your project for special needs.