Curtain-Tracks and The Tiny House Movement


Curtain-Tracks and The Tiny House Movement



The tiny house movement is taking the nation by storm! Many are enticed by the reduced cost and maintenance as compared to a large house, and most are hoping to make a lifestyle change to allow them the freedom to focus on what’s important. Curtain-Tracks can help to further this focus by maximizing the space inside of tiny houses, as well as hiding the clutter.


Tiny House



Because most tiny homes are less than 500 square feet, being creative with the available space is vital for storage purposes, and every inch counts. Curtains do not require much space to be installed, and take up even less space than closet doors when open. Our 6100 Flexible Curtain Track is a great option for a tiny house with strange angles because it can be bent by hand to any shape. Combine it with 6151 Ceiling Cartridges every ten inches, and a few carriers and you are ready to go! Pick out your favorite curtain, and decide which hook you’ll need (depending on the curtain tabs you’re using) and you can consider the storage space hidden!



In addition to items in a closet, behind the stairs or above cabinets, Curtain-Tracks can help to define spaces in a tiny house. What is used as an office during the day might turn into a bedroom at night, so privacy and flexibility are necessary. Curtains can help with this flexibility by separating spaces when necessary but neatly moving out of the way when not in use. Our privacy cubicle track can be mounted to the ceiling so it is out of the way during the day, but can create a light and sound reduced area at night when combined with our eclipse fabric.



To begin imagining your tiny house solutions, visit us at today!  Or, better yet, give us a call at 1-888-434-7444.  Our creative team would love to help design even the tiniest of spaces!



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