Curtain-Tracks Creates THE Coolest Garage on the Block

Curtain-Tracks Creates THE Coolest Garage on the Block



Strength is the name of the game when you are talking sports. This statement is also true when it comes to a creative project submitted by one of our wonderful customers, Libby. She recently inquired about creating a hockey backstop in her garage. What fun for her kids! Her house is definitely the coolest spot on the block now.





Brenda was the perfect customer service agent to help with this project. Her knowledge and ability to ask the right questions helped turn this idea into reality. And, better yet, this reality is so durable, secure, and robust; it will last for a long time to come. When Brenda realized how hard the hockey pucks would be hitting the tarp (Could be upwards of 100 miles per hour according to!) she knew that she had to find products that would hold up.





Curtain-Tracks Extra Heavy Duty track is definitely extra heavy duty, but Brenda knows about an even stronger product that has not yet been made available on our website. It is not exactly pretty, but wow is it durable!  This track is industrial strength galvanized steel in a 16 gauge thickness. It is 1.5 inches tall and .5 inches wide, comes in eight feet sections and is attached with a large bracket that can be ceiling or wall mounted. Because of the risk of nylon breaking when hit by a hockey puck, Brenda chose an equally heavy duty trolley (which is a fancy name for a stronger carrier) that is made of metal. This trolley can support the weight of a long and heavy tarp and allows for easy opening and closing because of its large diameter. Instant hockey backstop!



Libby’s kids are using this project for hockey, but the possibilities are endless. What sport is your family into? Just think about all of the tennis, golf, baseball or lacrosse that could happen in your garage with this project!




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