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Curtain Tracks for the Family RV

Curtain Tracks for the Family RV
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Summer is around the corner, which means it’s time to hit the road with the family to explore the great country we call home. Can’t you just picture it?  The family all packed into the RV, snacks and games ready to go, USB loaded with everyone’s favorite music, and memories ready to be made. But then, hour twelve of driving hits, and everyone needs some sleep, and some separation. With the close quarters of motor homes, curtains are a necessity to create a sense of privacy during those tense moments.  


RV Curtain Tracks



With one quick swing of our curtains, installed with our 6018 metal block carrier, the driver’s cab becomes its own oasis, away from the rest of the vehicle. The crisp sound of these carriers is an added bonus. It’s the sound of a statement: “enough, already!” Choose our eclipse curtains, and the fabric will even drown out some of the bickering.    





Once everyone is ready to turn in for the night, privacy again becomes necessary. Curtain tracks are an easy addition to sleeping quarters, and using our 5400 Track combined with snap tape can eliminate gaps and places for the sun or nosy camper-mates to peek through.   



The trickiest part of adding curtains to motor homes is often the front windshield and two side windows. Curtain-Tracks’ 4108 Bendable I Beam Curtain Track is bendable by hand for a perfect fit every time. And, don’t assume the driver’s side and the passenger’s side are symmetrical; measure twice and order once! If you need more than eight feet of length, you’ll want 4130 wall splicer or 4128 ceiling splicer. Don’t forget your 4132 end stops to keep the curtains in place when open.  


We love campers so much, we have a page on our website devoted to RV’s. Check out products we recommend as well as some great tips. Make your home on wheels just a little more private and ensure a great trip for the whole family!