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Churches are great community resources that serve many different roles. No matter the religion being practiced inside, all churches want to serve their community and do their best to help people feel comfortable. We at Curtain-Tracks believe we can play a role in both of those goals. Our loyal readers already know that we can create flexible spaces to serve many different community needs, and we also pride ourselves on creating a cozy feeling by adding functional curtain tracks and curtains to an otherwise somewhat stark space.





Churches serve many different purposes in the community. In addition to their worship times, they often host Sunday School, meetings, and receptions. Each of these events needs a different amount of space so using our products makes perfect sense. Our tracks can allow a curtain to conceal a stack of chairs that aren’t being used during a wedding or they can allow curtain or drape changes behind the pulpit, maybe to compliment the seasons. They can also divide a large room into smaller meeting rooms for small groups or vacation bible school.



Because of the very tall ceilings in most churches, our Extra Heavy Duty Track will be important to hold the weight of the curtains that could be more than ten feet long. Combined with the plush material that is usually found in churches, you have a great deal of weight pulling down on the track. Along the same thought process of strength, one would think that metal carriers would be the best. However, we recommend our large double wheel carrier which is made of nylon.  The most important, but least obvious reason is that nylon will be much quieter than metal on metal. This carrier is still strong and will make for easy movement of curtains as well.



Are you a volunteer in your church? Can you think of ways that we could make your space more useful or more beautiful? Give us a call today and we will give you a quote to get you started. 1-888-434-7444.



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