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Curtain Tracks to Decorate Your Large Kitchen Window

Curtain Tracks to Decorate Your Large Kitchen Window
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Ah, the kitchen window. In years past it served as the housewives’ window to the world, and very often her cooling rack for pies. Now it is the place where parents can watch their children playing in the backyard while they cook dinner and wash dishes. (Or watch for the pizza delivery car while looking at their smartphone and getting out paper plates.) These days, there are many more decorating options for the kitchen window than the ole frilly lace curtains with tie-backs, and we have several drapery hardware products that will even further improve your options for hanging curtains on large kitchen windows.



If you’ve got floor-to-ceiling windows or sliding glass doors in your kitchen or eating area, you’ve got no room for a rod, and a ceiling-mounted curtain track, such as the 84003 Ceiling Mounted Curtain Track is the way to go to hang your curtains. They allow smooth opening/closing and give the wall a seamless look. The standard way to decorate large windows, layering long sheers and heavy drapes, can be too much for a casual kitchen or eating area so don’t be afraid to hang a simple sheer or decorative curtain of light fabric. Alternatively, if you want to maximize the privacy on your large kitchen windows while you eat, you can hang a curtain like our Eclipse light and sound blocking panels.

84003 Ceiling Mount Track 84003 Ceiling Mounted Curtain Track


Large kitchen windows can be a beautiful feature, letting in light and opening up a room, but they have their challenges. Among them is the fact that any fabric hung in an eating or food preparation area will be easily soiled. Having a machine washable fabric is a must, and using our snap tape system will allow you to quickly and easily take the curtains down for washing and put them back up as needed. In this system, snap carriers are hung from a ceiling-mounted curtain track containing a “female” snap that fits into the “male” snap on the tape, which is sewn into the top of the curtain or drape.


We want to see how you have used curtain tracks to decorate your large kitchen windows. Send us your photos at info@curtain-tracks.com.