Custom Sized Shower Curtains - Extra Tall - Extra Wide

Curtain-Tracks.com is pleased to announce the addition of custom sized shower curtains to our product offering. This affords our customers a choice to purchase taller and wider sizes than what is available via retail stores. Whether it's extra tall shower curtains to account for a ceiling mounted track, or a wider curtain to wrap around a claw foot tub or form a shower enclosure for a corner shower, these shower curtains are the answer. These custom made shower curtains are available in commercial grade vinyl (including a clear vinyl), nylon, or waffle poly/cotton blend fabrics. The durability of these materials and sturdy construction set these shower curtains apart from off the shelf shower curtains.

Custom Sized Shower Curtain - Vinyl

The tall shower curtains can be especially useful when used in combination with a ceiling mounted curtain track. More and more customers are replacing shower rods with ceiling mounted tracks because the offer a striking appearance, improved functionality, and also afford customers a reasonable priced option to form angles, arcs, ovals, and circles without encountering the width limitations inherent to an oval or rectangular shower curtain rod. Because ceiling mounted tracks are typically mounted higher than a shower curtain rod, a standard sized shower curtain (72 in x 72 in) likely won't reach the tub or shower pan when installed on the curtain track. By ordering a taller shower curtain, this issue is addressed without the need for drop chains.

Customers who install shower curtain tracks also have the luxury of being able to use longer continuous runs than what's feasible through the use of a shower rod. Because the tracks can be much longer, it creates the need for wider shower curtains as well. Some customers may need a single curtain that wraps around a garden tub or hot tub. Others may want a curtain to wrap around an enlarged shower stall designed for handicapped or wheelchair access. Others may be looking for a waterproof curtain to shield a storage area. Regardless of the specific need, Curtain-Tracks.com offers curtains in widths up to 24 feet. (Remember to add 15-20% width to your shower curtain beyond the length of the shower curtain track.)

In addition, some customers also have the need for shower curtains that are narrower than the standard 72 curtains. This can be true for stall showers. Typically, stall showers have an opening that is 3-4 feet wide and don't require a standard width shower curtains. These narrow curtains (54 in width) are also available in a selection of fabrics and vinyls.

While these custom sized vinyl or fabric curtains are marketed as shower curtains, their uses are not as limited as their name may imply. The vinyl curtains can also be used for applications beyond bathrooms, tub, and showers. Customers have used them in machine shops, garages, paint booths, and other commercial settings to control moisture, mist, dust and flies/mosquitoes. Regardless of the specific need, these large water resistant vinyl and nylon curtains can serve a wide range of purposes.

If you have questions about the selection or purchase of a custom sized shower curtain, please let us know. We are here to help and want to be sure you have all the hardware and curtains to tackle your design needs. If you need information on a specific vinyl or fabric, you can click below for more information on these shower curtain options:

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