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Customer Feedback - Strong Across the Board!

Customer Feedback - Strong Across the Board!
By Curtain-Tracks 9 years ago 1443 Views No comments

We wanted to take the opportunity to share this unedited compliment provided by Alan R. of Lindenweld, NJ, who placed an order with us in late November:

"Just received my order and am VERY impressed with the quality of the goods.  I was looking on your site for a 'testimonial' page to add my praise.  Professional materials and design and a super price.  And the shipping tube was amazing - I had to laugh a bit at the "Do Not Bend" label - I don't think a circus strong-man could bend THAT puppy!"

Alan - Thanks for taking the time to share your share your testimonial.  We appreciate all feedback, good and bad, as it helps us gauge how well we are doing.  As for the shipping tubes we use, we want to insure that the drapery hardware reaches each customer in pristine condition.  Your order may not encounter a circus-strong man, but sometimes those Fedex distribution centers may seem like a three ringed circus.  By using heavy duty shipping tubes, we do all we can to prevent the tracks from being bent or broken.  That is also why our shipping charges may seem high to a customer that isn't used to ordering products like ours.  However, to deliver 8 ft long parts successfully, the packaging costs and the shipping costs charged merely cover the expenses we incur.

Thanks again for your message, and we hope to earn your repeat business moving forward.