Customer Testimonial: Creating a Space for a Massage Room


Customer Testimonial: Creating a Space for a Massage Room



At Curtain-Tracks, we love, love, love hearing from our customers! We strive to provide the best customer service to each and every person we interact with so it is gratifying to hear from a customer after their purchase. One of our wonderful representatives, Carolina, had the pleasure of hearing from customer Leah about how her project of creating a massage room, had become a reality thanks to our products.





Leah is in school to become a registered massage therapist and needed a space to practice (and hopefully, eventually, have a business for) her craft. She and her father chose Curtain-Tracks to create a private space in the basement dedicated specifically to massage. Carolina knew that esthetics were going to be an important part since clients would be visiting this space, so she helped Leah choose just the right tracks and curtains to bring this project to life.



Our eclipse curtains were a logical first choice because they can create a perfectly calm, environment for a massage. These curtains are room darkening, sound absorbing, and as Leah confirms in her testimonial, “soft and just what I needed.”  For the floor to ceiling privacy in her space, Leah chose curtains that were 82 inches, but these curtains are available in a variety of lengths, and a standard 58 inch width panels.

Curtain-Tracks has tons of options, so Leah was able to choose not to have mesh at the top because of her need for privacy, but if your project needs to let in light or sound, the top of these curtains can be custom made to include a see through mesh. There are also 29 beautiful color choices for eclipse curtains to match the decor in your room. Leah chose a deep chocolate brown color for her curtains. If your project requires an exact match, just let us know and we can send samples directly to you!



Since these curtains will be frequently opened and closed, our Extra Heavy Duty Track are the perfect choice. It has a thicker top wall for added support and is black in color so it blends in nicely with the chocolate curtains. Our Large Double Wheel Carrier are a strong choice to complete the project. Leah reports that she “changes up the placement of them often just because it’s fun!” Thank you, Leah! We are happy that you are happy!



So, are you ready to become a registered massage therapist? No matter your craft or career, let Curtain-Tracks create a space that is just right for your project. Then, we will write a blog postabout you, too! Give us a call today! 1-888-434-7444.



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