Carving Out a Man Cave

Carving Out a Man Cave

Every man deserves his own Man Cave!  That one spot in the house that is all his, where there are no flower arrangements, decorative pillows, or doilies.  A room where bigger is better when it comes to flat screen TVs and stereo speakers.  An oasis where neon signs and auto parts store calendars qualify as artwork and your favorite team’s uniform sets your color palette.  This bunker serves to grant you a reprieve from your day to day responsibilities, where sports and cars, music and the great outdoors are the topics of choice while chicken wings and pizza are common fare.  And it serves as a haven to your foosball or air hockey table, pinball machine, or beer can collection, since these are crown jewels in a man cave yet not welcomed in any other room in the house.

Man Cave Coaster

More and more, a Man Cave is coveted by men from coast to coast.  There are products customized to celebrate the Man Cave.  From signs and coasters to doormats and beer mugs, Man Cave themed items abound.

There are websites and blogs that have formed to create communities for cave men.  They include Websites like,, and

Man Caves have earned their fair share of media coverage as well.  There have been articles written on leading news sites like Today on MSNBC and Business Week covering Man Caves.  DIY Network hosts a show titled Man Caves, and a new show, Man Cave Crew,  is also in the works.

While guys may deserve a Man Cave, space limitations often prevent that dream from becoming a reality.  However, with the use of some ingenuity, some have figured out how to convert their garage, basement, or attic space into their own retreat.  Often these spaces may have to serve in a dual capacity, and that’s where can help.

Maybe it’s storage shelving or a hot water heater?  Perhaps there are kid’s toys or a washer and dryer?  Regardless of what else resides in the targeted Man Cave, an inexpensive curtain mounted on track can serve to quickly transform the look of an area while still availing access to whatever is hidden behind the curtain.  To paraphrase a famous line from the Wizard of Oz, pay no attention to the “stuff” behind the curtain.  By simply opening or closing a privacy cubicle curtain, a room can be converted from one use to another in seconds.

Privacy Cubicle Track (88001) (sometimes referred to as Hospital Track)  is a great product for allowing the Cave Man to carve out his own space.  This track is easy to install as a do it yourself (DIY) project, works smoothly and easily, and can be configured in just about any layout required using the straight track sections in conjunction with the 90 degree and 45 degree corner sections.  Plus, can provide simple, inexpensive privacy cubicle curtains that are perfect for partitioning a room or hiding storage areas.

Privacy Cubicle Track - Ceiling

Let us know if you need help in selecting the curtain track that is perfect for your project, and remember that your cave may be just a weekend’s work away from becoming a reality!  Also, stay tuned for another exciting announcement we hope to release shortly regarding Man Caves!


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